"Super Mario Run" came out Thursday, halting productivity in offices around the world as fans of the old-school Nintendo franchise rushed to learn — and beat — the game. The researchers at SuperData told GameSpot they thought the app would be downloaded more than 30 million times in its first month, bringing in a windfall of $60 million by mid-January, and judging by the buzz on social media Thursday, "Super Mario Run" was off to a good start.

If you're among the people playing, here are six tips and tricks to try:

1. Be ready to pay up. As IBTimes previously noted, "Super Mario Run" is initially free to play, but after three levels it jumps up to $9.99. If you want the full version, be prepared (and make sure you have the right iOS).

2. Have a steady internet connection. Nintendo told Polygon that "'Super Mario Run' is not a static experience, but rather one that players can continue to return to again and again to enjoy something new and unexpected." So don't expect to be able to play during your commute.

3. Play the levels multiple times. TouchArcade recommends going through each level strategically. The first time you play, just try to get to the end. The next time, go as fast as you can. During the third, look for all the places you can get the pink Challenge Coins. And finally, after you've studied up and you're on your fourth run-through, try to capture all the coins you can.

4. Take advantage of the pause button. "Super Mario Run" has a pause button in the upper left-hand corner, and GottaBeMobile says you should use it. If you're stuck, need a bathroom break or want to take a second to strategize, just tap it. Then you can collect your thoughts.

5. Use the bubble to back up. Whenever your Mario dies, he comes back in a bubble that you have to pop to continue playing. But you can actually trigger the bubble without dying, as iMore points out. If you missed a coin or want to retry a trick, you can touch the bubble box at the top of your screen to rewind a bit. Use this sparingly, though — you have limited bubbles and time.

6. Change your character (if you want). This one's easy: If you have a My Nintendo account, sign in immediately. That will let you unlock the Toad character, according to GameSpot