“Super Mario Run” is now out for iOS devices and will hopefully arrive on Android sometime in 2017 as Nintendo already said details about the latter will be revealed in the future. For iPhone and iPad owners, however, they can already jump into the hype and play with Mario as he runs his way through multiple levels of quality gaming. For those who have yet to download and start playing the game, it’s about time to know which characters can be unlocked to play.

When playing “Super Mario Run,” it’s obvious that one starts out as the titular character. However, most players also want to try out using a different character every now and then. Good thing Nintendo’s first venture into the iOS ecosystem has five other playable characters, namely: Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad and Toadette. Unfortunately, all of them are unlockable characters. This means one must unlock them first before they can be used for the main game.

GearNuke shared the ways on how to unlock each character, so that in no time, one could dash through stages and complete levels using any of the playable characters. First off, Toad is the character that is the easiest to unlock among the five. To do this, one should simply link his or her “My Nintendo account” to the game. This automatically gives the player the opportunity to run as Toad. While Toad is very easy to unlock, its female counterpart, Toadette, isn’t. The player should have to collect 200 red Toads, 200 blue Toads and 200 green Toads from the Toad Rally. Once all of these Toad requirements are met, one should head to the “Special” section of the game’s Kingdom Builder mode to have access to Toadette.

Aside from the red, blue and green Toads, there are also purple and yellow Toads. All five contribute to the player’s chances of unlocking other characters quickly. For Luigi, the Toad requirements are 150 green Toads and 150 purple Toads. As for Yoshi, one should have 30 red Toads and 30 yellow Toads. Since all sorts of Toads are essential in unlocking characters, players are advised to impress as many of them in the Toad Rally as possible.

Meanwhile, saying that unlocking Peach is not that easy is quite an understatement. To unlock and play as the princess in the game, one should beat all 24 levels of the World Tour. This is the only way to unlock Peach, so players should have patience and invest a lot of time in this game.

“Super Mario World” requires internet connection. Nintendo says this is to prevent piracy of the game. The famous Japanese game maker currently expects the mobile game to achieve 30 million downloads within the first month of its release, as per DualShockers. The adventure game is already available to download from the iOS App Store, and it is also expected to hit Android devices in the future.