Developer Team Meat just announced that “Super Meat Boy” is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Get more details below.

Team Meat’s classic platformer “Super Meat Boy” is heading to Nintendo’s Switch gaming console. The developer confirmed this bit via social media this week. The announcement comes a month after Team Meat dropped hints that it is finally releasing “Super Meat Boy Forever” for multiple platforms.

“Super Meat Boy” for Nintendo Switch

Team Meat posted a teaser photo for the upcoming port on Twitter just this Wednesday. The teaser photo shows “Super Meat Boy” running on the Nintendo Switch. When one fan asked if the version that the studio was teasing about is the original game or “Super Meat Boy Forever,” Team Meat clarified that it’s the former.

Many fans who are excited for the Switch version of the classic minimalist game also asked Team Meat if “Super Meat Boy” for the Nintendo Switch will come with the original PC soundtrack. Apparently, many prefer the original soundtrack from the Xbox 360 and PC versions and not the one featured in the PS Vita, PS4 and Wii U versions of the game. However, the developer did not respond to the queries.

According to Eurogamer, the announcement that “Super Meat Boy” is heading to the Nintendo Switch shouldn’t come as a surprise since Team Meat’s creative lead Edmund McMillen has already launched “The Binding of Isaac” on Switch. He has also confirmed that “Super Meat Boy’s” spiritual successor, “The End Is Nigh,” is also slated for release on Nintendo’s brand new console.

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“Super Meat Boy Forever” for Nintendo Switch

Back in June, Team Meat shared its new logo for “Super Meat Boy Forever” — the spin-off of “Super Meet Boy” — on Twitter. Fans quickly took this as a confirmation that the game will be released on multiple platforms. When one asked if the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, the developer simply said that they will announce supported platforms soon adding that the fan “won’t be disappointed.”

When another fan asked about the possible release date of the game, Team Meat responded saying that the game will likely arrive “early next year.” Other details that Team Meat disclosed include beta testing (doesn’t have a date yet) and the fact that the game is not coming to the Wii U console. Just like the “Super Meat Boy” port, Tommy Refenes is the one doing the “Super Meat Boy Forever” ports.

“Super Meat Boy” Explained

“Super Meat Boy” is a challenging platformer wherein the player assumes the role of an animated cube of meat who is out on a mission to save his girlfriend from an evil fetus. The game was first released on Xbox 360 back in October 2010 before coming to the PC platform shortly after. It eventually made its way to other platforms including Linux, Mac, PS4, PS Vita, Android and Wii U, as per VG 24/7.

In the game, players are tasked to make the meaty protagonist leap from a number of things like walls, crumbling caves and pools of old needles. The difficulty of “Super Meat Boy” is reminiscent of classic NES titles such as “Mega Man 2,” “Super Mario Bros.” and “Ghost and Goblins.” Learn more about the game by visiting its Steam page here.