Jeremy Jordan as Winn
“Supergirl” star Jeremy Jordan stepped down as a series regular to spend more time with his wife and focus on crafting the next stage of his career. The CW

A few days after TVLine broke the news that Jeremy Jordan won’t be returning as a series regular in Season 4 of “Supergirl,” the actor took to social media to explain his decision to play a reduced role in the next season of the CW series.

In a statement he shared on Twitter and Instagram, Jordan said that he has enjoyed playing Winn on the Melissa Benoist-led series, but it’s time for him to go back home and plan his next step in his career.

“I came to LA three and a half years ago searching for a new adventure, and in a matter of weeks, I was best friends with a superhero. I mean, come on,” Jordan wrote. “It’s been the adventure of a lifetime, and breathing life into that brilliant, quirky, puppy dog nugget named Winn has been a true joy. But lately, my gut has been telling me that I’m once again ready to begin a new chapter in my life… And if I’ve learned anything, it’s that you gotta listen to your gut.”

“So I want to thank everyone behind the scenes at ‘Supergirl’ for understanding it was time for me to return home… to spend time with my wife and friends, and focus on crafting the next stage of my career,” Jordan continued.

The “Smash” alum ended his post by thanking the fans and his co-stars, who have become his family for over three years.

“I also want to thank all the incredible fans of the show for your kindness, humor, patience, and most of all, your support,” Jordan wrote. “Finally, a special thank you to my ‘Supergirl’ family. More than anything else, I’m going to miss spending every day with you amazing, beautiful dorks.”

Though Jordan will no longer be a series regular, fans haven’t seen the last of Winn. “We love Jeremy, and even though he’s [not going to be around full-time], we’re not saying goodbye to Winn at all,” executive producers Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller told TVLine. “We’re already breaking big stories for him right now for the fall, and I think the fans will be excited to see what he has coming up.”

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