“Supernatural” has an exciting Dean-centered storyline in store for fans. In Season 12, episode 11 of The CW series, Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) will be hit by a spell that leads to his memory loss. And who is better equipped to deal with spells and magic than Rowena (Ruth Connell)?

The Winchesters demand Rowena’s help in reversing the effects of Dean’s memory loss in “Regarding Dean.” But this episode will also reveal information about the witch’s colorful past when she tries to contact a powerful witch family hailing from the old world.  Connell told TVLine, “You get to hear about something from [Rowena’s] past [that has] to do with this family of witches. I always love when I get to dip into the more human aspects of Rowena.”

What has Crowley’s (Mark Sheppard) red-haired mother been up to since we last saw her on “Supernatural”? Her dream of marrying and romancing rich men failed miserably. Connell previewed, “It’s interesting where this episode picks up. The first scene, I’m in a gambling den. [Laughs] Her romance didn’t work out … so she’s been entertaining herself.”

Of course, it isn’t long before that the Winchesters will come knocking on Rowena’s door, The 37-year-old Scottish actress revealed, “She’s drafted back into action. There’s something in it for her, as well. The episode revolves around this witch family and a book they have, which is called the Black Grimoire. I’m very excited for Rowena to know about this book and get her scrubby paws on it.”

It will also be interesting to see how the powerful witch reacts to news of Lucifer’s offspring. After all, she has had a tenuous relationship with the devil ever since he was released from hell.

Interestingly, Dean’s memory loss will result in him being more childish and fun. Connell teased that since Rowena will be with him when he forgets, a certain level of intimacy may arise between these two characters. Will she bed him?

“Supernatural” Season 12, episode 11 airs Thursday, Feb. 9 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.