Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers
What will happen during the series premiere of "Bloodines"? Chuck Hodes/The CW

Things got pretty gory tonight on episode 20 of “Supernatural.” But hey, what else did you expect to happen with the debut of the show’s spinoff series titled “Bloodlines”? That’s right, the sophomore drama, based off Eric Kripke’s long-running series, made its monstrous debut tonight on The CW. And we have to admit, it wasn’t half bad—that is, if you’re into limb-ripping werewolves and heart-breaking shape shifters.

And if you think that sounds crazy just wait until you find out what else happened during the hour-long pilot episode of the “Supernatural” spinoff.

“Bloodlines” began its series by introducing the audience to the spinoff’s protagonist, Ennis Roth, on the night of his big proposal.

“OK, spill. Why are we here?” Ennis’ girlfriend pressed her nervous lover. The handsome character then excused himself to ask the wait staff for a glass of champagne to drop the engagement ring in.

“Original,” the staffer sneered.

But that was only the beginning of the drama that went down in the first episode of “Bloodlines.”

In a nutshell, this is what occurred:

We learned that there is a whole other part of Chicago that’s lurking with monsters. And apparently, they all hate each other. Especially the Lassiter’s, who are shape shifters, and the Duval’s, who have the gift of transforming into werewolves.

“You werewolves… you think you’re all special. But you’re just sons of b----es,” Saul Lassiter said to Julian Duval in the nightclub underneath the restaurant where Ennis was about to propose to his girlfriend.

Supernatural Season 9 Spoilers
The "Supernatural" spinoff will air on April 26 as a backdoor pilot. Chuck Hodes/The CW

That’s when a fight breaks out between the two supernatural creatures. Julian is pulled off of Saul and he leaves in the nick of time -- coincidentally right before a masked monster makes its debut in the nightclub with claws-a-blazing.

The mysterious killer slashed through several bar patrons—including Saul. The bleeding shape shifter mustered the strength to stumble outside, which is when he bumps into Ennis just as he’s proposing to his girlfriend.

Ennis calls out to his girlfriend to call the police while he tries to help the wounded victim. As Saul lies there bleeding out, he reveals to Ennis his sorrow regarding something he did to David, which we later find out is threatening his younger brother's girlfriend.

After proclaiming his last words, the masked monster finishes Saul off—killing Ennis’ girlfriend in the process. That lights the fire under Ennis’ butt to seek out justice. Like father like son we guess. Turns out Ennis’ father, who is now deceased, was also a seeker of peace and justice. Yep, he was a cop.

The remainder of “Bloodlines” explains the story of who really killed Saul. Margo, Saul and David’s sister, thinks Julian is the one behind the attacks. But David knows better. He advises his sister to get all the information regarding the murder before she declares war against the Duval’s. But it looks like Margo is a bit gun happy. And she’s not the only one.

Although it’s made clear that Julian isn’t the one who killed Saul, he’s not willing to testify otherwise in hopes that Saul’s death will spark a war. Seriously, these families really hate each other. Well, everyone besides David and Violet Duval.

Supernatural Bloodlines spin off premiere
What will happen in the "Supernatural" spinoff of "Bloodlines"? Bloodlines

They’re like the Romeo and Juliet of the monster world. Boy and girl partake in forbidden love despite their families’ threats. The only difference between the Shakespeare characters and them is that David and Violet survive—barely that is.

In the pilot episode of “Bloodlines” the masked creature makes another debut when it kidnaps Violet from her backyard. Turns out, the silver-clawed entity is actually a human seeking justice for the death of his son. Violet explains to the heartbroken killer that although her brother’s tough, there’s no way he would kill a child.

It’s later revealed that the masked monster is crossing his claws that the death of Saul will start a war between the supernatural creatures of Chicago.

So, how do the Winchester brothers get thrown into this mess? Well, of course, where supernatural drama calls—Sam and Dean will be there to answer. And in this case, the call was coming from Chicago.

The boys first meet Ennis at the police station where the question the boy of what happened the night his girlfriend was killed. Ennis tells them everything he knows and they discreetly leave using that information to their advantage.

Ennis bumps into the boys again while snooping through the crime scene at the nightclub. But before running into the brother’s, Ennis bumps into a supernatural staff member of the venue who flashes his pointy teeth at the sight of Ennis. But before he’s able to take a bite out of Ennis, the Winchester brother’s chop his head off. They warn Ennis not to get involved in the world of monster hunting but it doesn’t seem like anything can change our protagonist’s mind.

Ultimately it’s Ennis who kills the person responsible for the death of his girlfriend.

“Sorry about your girl. She was in the way,” the bald murderer said.

“I only see one monster here,” Ennis said before shooting him dead.

The episode ends with the Winchester brothers leaving Chicago due to trouble back at home. They warn Ennis one more time not to get himself mixed up in the monster-hunting business.

Obviously, he doesn’t listen. Ennis revisits the dungeon where the masked monster held David and Violet hostage and gets a phone call warning him not to hunt or the monsters will kill him.

“Dad?” Ennis asks before getting hung up on.

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