Hollywood royalty Suri Cruise, daughter to “Mission Impossible” star Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes of “Dawson’s Creek," turned 7 years old Thursday.

Tom said Suri would be spending her birthday with her family, including her half-siblings, Isabella, 20, and Connor, 18, reports Us magazine.

“I take care of the kids early,” Tom said. “You’ll know you have to plan ahead for these things. It’s all done and all celebrated," he said.

Since her birth, Suri has lived her life in the spotlight. Here is a look back at seven epic moments to commemorate her seven years of life:

Magazine Debut

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise with mom Katie Holmes and dad Tom Cruise on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 2006 Vanity Fair

Just like every other newborn, Suri Cruise graced the cover of Vanity Fair magazine five months after her birth with her star parents; the photograph was taken by none other than famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. Holmes said the family held off on immediately releasing a photo following the birth, because they wanted to enjoy her first few weeks as a newborn before sharing Suri with the rest of the world.

“I knew I’d never get that time back,” Holmes said.

Paparazzi Chat

After years of being hounded by paparazzi on a daily basis, Suri finally spoke up to tabloid photographers standing outside her Manhattan home in 2011, asking them to take a picture of her doll instead. The cute moment even melted paparazzi's hearts who can be heard "awwing" in the background.

Body Double

When a Suri Cruise look-a-like was spotted outside of the family’s New York City apartment earlier this year, many speculated that the Cruise family hired a body double for Suri in an effort to thwart paparazzi. The evidence is compelling, but Holmes reportedly insisted the allegations had no merit.

Fashion Blog

Suri Cruise Fashion Blog
Title page of Suri Cruise Fashion Blog Suri Cruise Fashion Blog

After years of seeing Suri flaunt the latest trends in children’s clothes -- everything from pink-soled UGG boots to high heels -- a blogger dedicated an entire site to her burgeoning wardrobe. Suri Cruise Fashion Blog documents just about every piece of apparel the 7-year-old has worn and where to buy it.

Fao Schwarz Meltdown

At one point in time, every child has had a meltdown in public. Unfortunately for Suri, her 2011 tantrum was fully documented while shopping at FAO Schwarz with Holmes. In a series of shots captured by TMZ photographers, the then 5-year-old can be seen hysterically crying inside the store, at one point screaming in her mother’s face. The situation ended in Suri’s favor as she was seen leaving the store with candy and toys in hand.

Puppy Tantrum

One year after her infamous FAO Schwarz meltdown, Suri lost it again after Holmes told her she couldn’t take home an adorable black-and-white “Morkie” puppy from a Manhattan pet store. The famous family was reportedly deciding between two dogs in the shop but ended up walking away empty-handed. Suri could be seen on the edge of tears after the decision was made.

Fashion Sense

Suri Cruises' mother, Katie Holmes, says her 7-year-old daughter has great fashion sense.

Not only does Suri have unlimited access to clothing, according to Holmes, she also has incredible fashion sense and enjoys piecing together her own outfits ranging from faux fur coats to flowing, white dresses.

“She has a great eye, she really does,” Holmes told Allure last month.