Jon Misch (pictured) became the 13th person sent home in episode 12 of "Survivor: San Juan Del Sur -- Blood vs. Water." CBS

On the last episode of “Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water,” Jon and Jaclyn’s alliance continued their stranglehold on the game, but Natalie threw a minor wrench in their plan when she switched her vote from Keith to Alec -- the alliance was splitting their votes between the two in case one had an idol -- to send Alec home first. She hoped it would be the first step in her stealing some power away from Jon in the game, a plan she would continue in episode 12.

Here’s how everything went down in episode 12 of “Survivor” Season 29:


The episode began with Natalie trying to explain why she had voted for Alec instead of Keith. She lied and said she had misunderstood whom she was supposed to vote for when the alliance split their votes.

The next day Natalie went to Keith, this time telling the truth, and securing him as an ally in potentially taking control of the game away from Jon and Jaclyn,


The reward challenge this week was a team challenge with Missy, Jon and Keith against Baylor, Natalie and Jaclyn with a trip to a spa at stake. The challenge involved the teams navigating an obstacle course to gather puzzle pieces and solve the puzzle. The all girl team got a huge head start, but Keith, Missy, and Jon caught up at the puzzle and stole the challenge from the girls. However, in the heat of the challenge, Missy fell and hurt her ankle on a part of the course.

After the challenge, Jon gave up his spot in the reward to give Baylor the chance to spend the time with her mother, although strategy was not far from his mind. Natalie also volunteered to go to Exile Island, leaving Jon and Jaclyn serendipitously alone at camp.

Spa Trip

At the reward, Keith was adjusting to his first spa trip, getting a kick out of his first massage. Missy, on the other hand, was struggling with the pain in her ankle.

Back at camp, Jon and Jaclyn spent their first alone time as a couple in the game talking strategy, questioning whether Natalie’s voting mishap had really been an accident.

Exile Island

On Exile, Natalie struggled with the emotional toll of the game, missing her sister Nadiya.

Immunity Challenge

Natalie returned for the immunity challenge, but before Jeff let the tribe get to the challenge, he wanted medical to examine Missy’s ankle, as the pain had been getting worse. Unfortunately, the doctor thought there was a good chance Missy’s ankle was broken, but to do an X-Ray, he would have to pull her from the game. Luckily, the doctor thought he could brace her ankle to allow her to finish out the game. Missy did have to sit out of the challenge though.

The challenge required the castaways to balance a vase of water on a platform with ropes on a pulley-system while balancing on a seesaw. The challenge came down to Natalie and Jon and Natalie hung on to win immunity.

Tribal Council

After the challenge Natalie formed a plan with Keith and Baylor to blindside Jon, splitting votes between him and Jaclyn, but they would have to get Missy on board first. However, Missy was not budging easy, feeling loyal to Jon.

Missy made an impassioned comment about loyalty at Tribal Council, but when the votes were tallied Missy had indeed flipped forcing a three-way tie between Jon, Jaclyn, and Keith. Re-voting with Jon, Jaclyn, and Keith unable to vote, Jon Misch was made the 13th person sent home. What a blindside!

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