T-Mobile's Leaked Devices Launch Roadmap
A screenshot reveals the release dates of several T-Mobile devices. TmoNews

Ever since T-Mobile submitted an amicus brief in the Samsung-Apple patent lawsuit saying that it had a boatload of new products to unveil for the holiday season, customers have been trying to get a peek into the trunk of Santa's sleigh. Last week, blog TMo News announced that it had obtained a leaked roadmap of the devices mobile phone carrier T-Mobile is planning to roll out over the next month. The image below outlines the release schedule for twelve models, all with code names, six of which are new devices slated to be introduced Nov. 2.

The first two items, the HTC Ruby and Samsung Hercules are actually the HTC Amaze 4G and Samsung Galaxy S II, which were made available for pre-order October 10th and in-store purchase for October 12th prior to the leak in a press release back in September. Also included in the same release was the T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot, produced by Huawei and the third product slated for October release on the roadmap. Despite the incorrect release dates for the Amaze and the Galaxy S II, TMo is confident that the dates of the other products are in line with their expected releases. TMo also released a second internal memo confirming the date of the fourth product, dubbed the Samsung Arnold, but which is in fact the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

One day after the leak, T-Mobile announced the availability of the first two phones set for November release, the T-Mobile myTouch and T-Mobile myTouch Q, both manufactured by LG. T-Mobile failed to specify an exact date for the release, saying only that they are expected to be available in time for the holiday season. Also from LG are the Flip II and the 4G-equipped Samsung Ancora, which appears to be one of the Galaxy S family and might be the less-expensive Galaxy W, given its lower listed price point.

The only Windows phone in the batch is the next item, the HTC Radar 4G, which will be one of the first devices outfitted with the new Windows OS Mango. The Radar 4G is likewise expected in time for the holidays. Rounding out the Nov. 2 lineup is the Huawei Tallsome - widely speculated to be a 7-inch Honeycomb tablet.

The last items on the list, the Samsung Robin and the RIM Dumione, appear to be the updated Galaxy Tab Plus and the Blackberry Torch, respectively, and are due to be released a week after the super-launch of November 2nd.