• Coronavirus has become a huge problem for scientists al over the world due to its rapid spread
  • Now, health experts are identifying ways to combat the virus such as figuring out an effective way to protect oneself 
  • Many are now asking whether the virus can spread through banknotes

Coronavirus has already taken a lot of lives. The death toll has reached thousands creating more restlessness and fears among people. To fight off the spread of the virus, preventive measures have been taken. There are those who would use masks to help protect them from air droplets; others would use gloves.

One thing that must be noted is how the virus spreads through contact with contaminated surfaces. Health experts advise keeping areas or places that are frequently touched to be clean most of the time. One thing that people would normally touch or handle is banknotes. This brings to the question of whether money could also be an avenue to spread the virus.

How The Virus Spreads

Basically, the virus spreads because of the aerosol method. This means that it spreads through air droplets. When people sneeze or talk, water droplets are "thrown" out into the air. A person, through its open membranes, can get infected by the virus. Those who wear masks but have exposed eyes could still be infected the moment the droplets enter the eyes.

money and coronavirus
money and coronavirus Goumbik - Pixabay

In some cases, people get infected when they inadvertently touch a contaminated surface. This would refer to surfaces where air droplets from an infected person have landed.

Money As a Vehicle

As per the Express report, basing it on how the virus can spread through surfaces, it would also follow that the virus can spread through banknotes. However, this was rebutted by Dr. Christine Tait-Burkard of the University of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute, who is a fellow and also an expert in infection. She said that people would not normally contract the virus from banknotes unless it is being used by an individual to sneeze in.

Normally, the amount of virus that can be found on an inanimate object is low because of reduced concentrations. In addition, coins are bad environments for these viruses to survive. The best way to protect yourself from these deadly viruses is for you to keep your hands clean. Also, keep your belongings clean. Wash your hands with soap and water always. Also, try to be aware of the symptoms of the infection so that you would be able to find ways and means on how to better protect yourself and your loved ones from the deadly virus.