Taj Jackson
Taj Jackson, pictured Sept. 29, 2015, defended his uncle Michael Jackson after an unearthed police report claimed child porn was found in his Neverland Ranch during a 2003 raid. Getty Images

Taj Jackson took to Twitter Tuesday to defend his late uncle, the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Taj, who is the son of Tito Jackson, was outraged over a report from Radar Online that claimed a raid of Jackson’s Neverland Ranch yielded photos of child pornography and animal torture. Part of the story claimed that Taj and his brothers, who formed the band 3T, were pictured in the photos.

“Looking into our legal rights as our band @TheReal3T was mentioned in a malicious article recently for a tabloid website,” he wrote. “Not only is there absolutely no truth to this story whatsoever, but I’m truly sick of this crap. #getalife and stop living off ours.”

Taj slammed the media: “What happened to journalistic integrity and the truth,” he wrote. “Is it all about making money and selling lies now.”

The singer specifically called out Huffington Post Entertainment. “I expected more from you,” he said. “Since when do you quote @radar_online as a reliable source of news? What world are we living in?”

The part of Radar Online’s story that seemingly upset Taj the most was that Jackson allegedly used pictures of him and his brothers to lure children. “One private investigator with direct knowledge of the raids said: “The detectives’ report cites Michael even used sexy photos of his own nephews, who were in the band 3T, in their underwear to excite young boys,” an insider said.

The materials were reportedly seized during a 2003 raid. “The documents collected by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department paint a dark and frightening picture of Jackson,” a source told Radar Online Monday. “The documents exposed Jackson as a manipulative, drug-and-sex-crazed predator who used blood, gore, sexually explicit images of animal sacrifice and perverse adult sex acts to bend children to his will.”

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