"Tak3n," the third installment in the "Taken" franchise, will be released in theaters on Jan. 9, 2015. 20th Century Fox

Ready for more Liam Neeson? Well, whether you asked for it or not, the 62-year-old actor is set to return to the big screen for the third installment in the “Taken” franchise, “Tak3n.” The trailer for the coming 21st Century Fox movie was released on Tuesday, giving fans a peek at the thrills to come when the film is released on Jan. 9, 2015.

Surprisingly, the trailer shows that Kim (Maggie Grace) is doing all right since getting kidnapped and sold into prostitution in the original 2008 movie, “Taken” – and then rescuing her father, Bryan (Liam Neeson), and mother, Lenore (Famke Janssen), from a hostage situation in the 2012 sequel, “Taken 2.” The promo for “Taken 3” (or “Tak3n”) reveals that Kim is living on her own in an apartment, and according to her father, “seems like the usual Kim.”

Unfortunately for Kim, the "usual" will soon turn into her family being in danger -- again. Lenore turns up dead almost immediately in the "Taken 3" trailer after swinging by her ex-husband’s house for a glass of wine. She stays the night, and the video shows Bryan returning from grabbing breakfast in the morning to find blood on the floor and Lenore unconscious in bed. Things become even more complicated when Bryan’s immediately attacked by police officers who raid his home. All signs point to a setup.

Framed for Lenore’s death, Bryan breaks into action in the third installment of "Taken" – escaping the police and going into hiding. But Bryan has no plans to disappear. Instead he wants to find out who killed Lenore and protect his daughter.

“Listen carefully, Kim,” Bryan tells his daughter in a phone call. “Something terrible has happened to your mom. … Don’t trust anyone.”

“Taken” viewers can expect a new threat against Bryan’s family, explosions, gunfights and Liam Neeson being an all-around action superstar. Watch the trailer below and tweet your thoughts on the movie to @AmandaTVScoop.