Accusations that John Travolta sexually assaulted two masseurs in January have resuscitated chatter about his heavily debated sexual orientation. The actor's camp has denied the claims made by two unnamed men and he is expected to file a counter suit.

Amidst the outrageous accusations, many are wondering how plausible some of the claims made in court documents are. In the first lawsuit, Travolta is accused of picking the plaintiff up in an unkempt SUV, filled with chocolate cake wrappers and Trojans. He then purportedly drove him to a suite in a Beverly Hills hotel, complete with a private chef flipping burgers.

The more recent plaintiff claims to have worked at a resort where Travolta was staying. In the Sexual Battery claim filed, Travolta is accused of stripping off his towel, masturbating, and repeatedly grabbing the masseur - which closely echoes the allegations by the first masseuse.

Today, a potential alibi has emerged that may prove Travolta's innocence - and expose the plaintiffs as fraud.  TMZ has produced photographic evidence that the actor was in New York on January 16th and not in L.A were the first incident is said to have taken place. A receipt from A-list eaters Mr. Chow also puts Travolta in the Big Apple on that date.

Despite the new evidence, some believe similar claims will continue to surface. According to People Magazine, more men may soon come forward with sexual assault allegations - or so says the plaintiffs' lawyer Okorie Okorocha:

There's a bunch of accusers against Travolta who have similar accusations, he said Many have contacted me, and I'm still vetting their stories. More defendants might come forward soon.

The two lawsuits have some points in common: Both claimTravolta refused to wear a towel during his appointment and masturbated, and both plaintiffs say Travolta touched then inappropriately -- but neither of them ended the session early.

The first incident involves a professional chef and a long lecture about being gay in Hollywood while learning to enjoy sex with men. The latter claim does not mention a third party and involves less conversation.

Each plaintiff maintains that Travolta's physical state was rather unappealing. The first claim mentions his wirey and unkempt pubic hair while the second refers to his bloodshot eyes.  

When: January 16, 2012

Where: Bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Most Shocking Allegations: The plaintiff claims that Travolta fondled him during a massage while a overweight black man cooked hamburgers.  The actor allegedly refused to keep his towel on during the massage and began touching himself even though the masseur felt uncomfortable. What's more, Travolta supposedly gave the plaintiff a lecture on how performing sexual acts on men leads to success. The official court document claims that Travolta stated: Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity.

When: January 28th, 2012

Where: An unspecified resort in Atlanta, Georgia.

Most Shocking Allegations: Travolta's second alleged victim is accusing him of refusing to wear a towel during his massage because the sheets were sticky. What sets this allegation apart from the first is that Travolta humped the massage table and fell asleep for a few minutes.  He then began touching himself after the plaintiff refused to massage his buttocks. The masseur claims that the actor had an erection and started touching the plaintiff's upper thighs and buttocks.  It is at this time that Travolta apparently demanded an abdominal massage and grabbed between the plaintiff's legs.

Regardless of whether or not the claims are true, the scandal will no doubt affect Travolta's reputation. Gawker has even published an article entitled: Travolta's Allegedly Gay Penis: A History. For years the actor has been the subject of gossip and scrutiny and these lawsuits assure that won't be dying down anytime soon.