Taylor Swift 'Bad Blood' Behind the Scenes
In light of her nine 2015 MTV Video Music Award nominations, Taylor Swift, pictured here in Boston on July 25 during her 1989 tour, has been posting behind the scenes clips of her hit video "Bad Blood." Getty

In case over 392 million YouTube views wasn’t clear enough, fans of Taylor Swift love them some “Bad Blood.” Recently, Swift offered fans and inside look at how she and several others became spies for the music video.

The 25-year-old has been posting behind-the-scenes clips of her MTV Video of the Year nominated “Bad Blood.” The music video tells the tale of Swift’s character Catastrophe training for revenge against Arsyn (Selena Gomez), who betrays her by throwing her out of a window in the beginning of the video.

The most recent behind-the-scenes clip featured Hayley Williams of Paramore, who flips around in the video as the “The Crimson Curse.” The project also features stars such as Kendrick Lamar, Jessica Alba, Lena Dunam and Cindy Crawford.

A behind-the-scene video of model Karlie Kloss’s character Knockout was also posted by Swift. In the clip, Kloss explains how they’re all supposed to be a group of spies. “We’re tough and we’re not messing around,” Kloss says.

Many believe Swift's hit song is about fellow pop star Katy Perry, especially after props of sharks have been seen at shows on her recent tour, which mocks Perry's Super Bowl XLIX performance. Throughout the single, Swift sings about how she was wronged, saying, “Band aids don’t fix bullet holes" and “All these things will catch up to you.”

Swift received seven 2015 MTV Video Music Award nominations, including Best Collaboration, Best Direction, Best Visual Effects, Best Art Direction, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography. She also received two nominations for her “Blank Space” video.

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards will air Sunday, Aug. 30, at 9 p.m. on MTV live from Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. You can vote on each category here.