Taylor Swift
The Internet seems to think Taylor Swift, pictured at the Met Gala on May 2, 2016 in New York City, is expecting her first child. Getty Images

Taylor Swift sparked pregnancy rumors after photos emerged of the singer and a fan, with what many Twitter users have speculated as being a baby bump Thursday.

Swift hosted a fans-only listening party, previewing songs from her upcoming album "Reputation" at her home. The "Gorgeous" singer took pictures with fans in attendance, but the photo in question features Swift with a hand propped on her hip as she wears a black, loose-fitting sweatshirt dress.

One Twitter user shared the fan's picture Friday, saying, "Guys what if gorgeous by @taylorswift13 is a baby announcement??? idk if this is a bad angle but she looks pregnant???? IMAGINE OMG." This tweet inspired a myriad of tweets in support of the apparent theory.

Another conspiracy theorist detailed the events leading up to the singer's alleged pregnancy. The fan argued that since Swift hasn't performed music from her upcoming album live, the lead single on "Reputation" was recorded a while ago and her decision to be incognito for a year indicate that Swift may be pregnant.

More Twitter users added fuel to the fire by sharing their own conspiracies on Swift's alleged baby bump.

There were some users that sided with the "Taylor Swift is not pregnant" theory, including another fan in attendance at the listening session. The fan provided apparent evidence by sharing her photo with Swift. The singer's stomach appeared to be flat in the picture as she posed back-to-back with the fan.

"Taylor Swift said this is the cutest pose shes ever done goodbye world," the fan wrote in a tweet.

Although many considered the possibility of the pop singer being with child, Swift's dress appears to have become baggy as she leaned forward in the picture to stand closer to her fan.

The "Look What You Made Me Do" songstress' wore an all-black ensemble as she stood in front of dark objects on the shelf behind her. The fan's red dress also contrasted with Swift's dress, which led the fan to allege that her "boob apparently makes...[Swift] look pregnant."

This wouldn't be the first time that Swift has attracted pregnancy rumors. Days before Swift's baggy sweater-dress picture made waves on the Internet, a photo emerged of the singer pictured with two fans as their hands were placed on her stomach. One user questioned the fans' hand placements Oct. 15, writing, "why are your hands on her stomach??? is she pregnant or what."

"Guys that’s so unnecessary - we're literally just cuddling her. Please stop spreading [rumors] like that," the user pictured with Swift wrote in a tweet responding to the pregnancy rumors.

Swift previously faced pregnancy rumors when OK magazine published a cover story of the singer with a slightly rounded tummy beside a caption, reading: "Who's the dad?" The publication alleged that the "Bad Blood" singer's ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris was the father in Nov. 2016. The rumors were reportedly debunked, however.

OK magazine also came under fire after Swift dragged the publication for reporting that she was pregnant in 2015. The magazine claimed that Swift made a "pregnancy announcement" in a tweet after she had helped a couple share her baby news on social media.

Swift quickly caught wind of their allegations, which led the singer to tweet about the "misleading headline."

"@OK_Magazine this misleading headline and your choice of words in labeling me are why we need feminism in 2015," Swift wrote in a tweet, according to USA Today.