Samantha Bee
"Full Frontal" host Samantha Bee mocked Ted Cruz and John Kasich's deal to stop Donald Trump from snagging the GOP nomination. TBS

Comedian Samantha Bee thinks it's pretty funny that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have teamed up to block businessman Donald Trump from securing the Republican nomination for president.

Cruz and Kasich announced Sunday that they would cede certain states to each other to make it more difficult for Trump to reaching the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination before the July convention. However, on TBS' "Full Frontal" Monday, host Samantha Bee pointed out the irony that neither Cruz nor Kasich has any legitimate shot at the nomination themselves.

Bee played a clip of Kasich saying he's been studying Abraham Lincoln's path to the nomination in 1860, with Kasich claiming Lincoln won the nomination after arriving at the GOP convention in fourth place in the delegate count, where Kasich currently resides. Only that wasn't quite right.

"Actually, Lincoln was second, but yes, you are in fourth place — out of three, behind the ghost of Marco Rubio," joked Bee. "According to CNN, you would need to win 162 percent of the remaining delegates. What's your plan? Wait for the Republican party to slaughter itself and then mosey onto the battlefield to suck the blood from the bone marrow of the other candidates for strength?"

The comedian then played a clip of Cruz disparaging Kasich weeks ago for not having a mathematically viable path to the nomination, pointing out that now that the same is true for Cruz himself, the Texas senator has changed his tune.

"Ted Cruz remembered that modern math was created by the Greeks, who also invented homosexuality, and we should just pray them both away," said Bee.

Bee went on to criticize the deal, saying that Cruz had no real need for Kasich and that the increasingly inevitable convention chaos was causing Republican lawmakers to make plans to avoid personally attending the party's convention.

Watch Samantha Bee mock the Cruz-Kasich deal below:

Bee hasn't been the only one critical of the Cruz-Kasich deal. Donald Trump blasted both candidates Monday for what he called an act of "desperation." Meanwhile, Kasich and Cruz have defended the move.

“Having Donald Trump at the top of the ticket in November would be a sure disaster for Republicans. Not only would Trump get blown out by [Hillary] Clinton or [Bernie] Sanders, but having him as our nominee would set the party back a generation,” Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe, said in a statement. “To ensure that we nominate a Republican who can unify the Republican Party and win in November, our campaign will focus its time and resources in Indiana, and in turn clear the path for Gov. Kasich to compete in Oregon and New Mexico, and we would hope that allies of both campaigns would follow our lead.”

As it stands now, Trump has a commanding lead with 845 delegates. Cruz is a distant second with 559 and Kasich is in third with 148.