A teen in Virginia landed herself in a hairy situation while playing hide-and-seek. The 18-year-old girl got stuck inside a washing machine and the fire department had to rush to her rescue.

“We already had hid underneath the bed, in the closet, and we couldn't go down into the basement,” Amari Dancy told NBC News. "So, I was like ‘Oh, OK, let's just hide in the washer machine'.”

Amari was having fun with her younger relatives on Sunday (April 19) when the incident happened. A cousin found her and informed other adults, who then called 911, according to the publication. “I was really worried to see if they were going to get me out or not,” said Amari.

The Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue responded to their Woodbridge home and safely removed her from the appliance. “So the fire department came in and introduced themselves and then asked her name and what happened,” Suni Dancy, Amari’s aunt, said. “She said, ‘Well, I was playing hide-and-seek,’ and he said, ‘Well, did you win?’”

Suni shared details about the rescue efforts on Instagram.

First responders were quick to remove the top of the washing machine first to create enough space for extricating Amari.

“Once they figured out what to do … I just felt relieved. I just wanted to be out of there,” Amari said, adding that it was “pretty embarrassing” and worth a good laugh. “I had a laugh out of it, my family had a laugh out of it, I'm OK. As long as I'm OK, that's all that matters to me.”

Suni said the other relatives deemed it a funny incident. “She doesn’t even normally play with the younger kids,” she said.

Suni told FOX 5 that it was “time to let kids go back to school,” considering the boredom they are facing during COVID-19 lockdown.

Kids should avoid large appliances while playing hide-and-seek as things can take a tragic turn. In June, two siblings from Kyrgyzstan suffocated to death after they accidentally got locked out inside a refrigerator during a game of hide-and-seek. When 4-year-old Nikita counted down out of sight, his elder brother David, 6, hid inside a deserted old fridge in the courtyard. Nikita soon found his brother’s hiding place and decided to join him, who then unknowingly activated the automatic locking system of the refrigerator, leading to their entrapment and ultimate death.

washing machine Washing machines are shown for sale in La Jolla, California, March 22, 2017. Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake