"Teen Mom 2" Cast
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Wednesday was a big night for “Teen Mom 2” fans. Rumors circulated that the show would be canceled, but then MTV delighted fans by revealing Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans agreed to film a second half to Season 5, which is being called “5B.”

Chelsea Houska:

Houska, 22, has gotten her GED and graduated from cosmetology school all while being a young mother. Just before she is to get her aesthetician license, she gets a letter from South Dakota’s Department of Labor that says her license is being withheld since she was caught doing makeup for a wedding.

Distraught, the Sioux Falls native calls close friend Landon, who also worked at the wedding, to talk about the setback. They agree there is no reason for her license to be revoked since they weren’t paid for their services and therefore broke no laws.

Later in the episode, Adam Lind, the father of her daughter Aubree, talks to one of his friends about his recent car crash, where he was T-boned. Lind was speeding and intoxicated at the time. He hoped Houska didn’t speak ill of him to their daughter, but wasn’t confident about it. At the end, he said he just wanted to stay focused on daughter Aubree, and baby Paislee, whom he had with Taylor Halbur. The two are no longer together.

Leah Messer:

Messer and husband Jeremy Calvert have a strained relationship because his job takes him away from the home often. She feels that when he’s away, he acts like he isn’t married and leaves the burden of having a family on Messer’s shoulders. She discusses this with her mother and a friend.

Messer has three children: two with ex-husband Corey Simms, Ali and Aleeah, and then Adalynn, whom she had with her current husband. Ali has muscular dystrophy, and on Wednesday’s episode Ali apparently told Simms she’s “not strong” because of her disability. Simms assumes that his 4-year-old must have heard that from someone, because 4-year-olds just don’t come up with phrases like that, but Messer insists she didn’t say that. Instead, she tries to focus on how Simms handled her comment, and he assures his ex that he told their daughter she is strong and can do whatever she wants.

Kailyn Lowry:

Lowry and husband Javi Marroquin were married last season, with son Isaac being the one who gave his mother away, but things don’t look much greener on the other side.

Marroquin and Isaac seem to have a good relationship, with the 4-year-old hesitant to go visit his biological father.

Later, the two fight over who will take care of the children while the other runs to the shore. Lowry complains that her husband doesn’t help take care of his son, Lincoln, who was an infant at the time Season 5B was filmed. Instead, she claims, he spends more time with her son Isaac, who she had with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera. In the end, the two calmly talk through their problems, but Lowry breaks down when her husband says he doesn’t think she is happy in their marriage even though he is. Isaac walks in the room, and Lowry tries to fight back tears so he doesn’t see his mother crying.

Jenelle Evans:

Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Nathan Griffith are expecting a child together. Her son Jace, 4, is excited about having a little brother but her mother Barbara, who has custody of her grandson, is concerned how Evans and Griffith will take care of the new baby. Griffith says he could be a stay-at-home dad and Evans wants to be the breadwinner.

The only problem is that both of them are facing jail time. When they meet with their lawyers, Evans finds out her charges will be dropped, but things aren’t that easy for Griffith. When he got into trouble, he was driving drunk with a suspended license. When the officers arrested him he was uncooperative and had to be tasered. His lawyer was able to avoid felony charges, but he will have to go to jail for 30 days.

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