Chelsea Houska baby update
“Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska said she’s really nervous about pregnancy No. 2. MTV

Chelsea Houska has already given birth before, but the “Teen Mom 2” star is a little freaked out by pregnancy No. 2. The 25-year-old MTV star will be welcoming a baby boy in February, and recently opened up about how nervous she is.

Speaking to Us Weekly Friday, Chelsea explained that when she was pregnant with her daughter Aubree she was a lot more confident because she thought she knew what she was doing. “So I wasn’t nervous. But this time, I’ve researched everything and I’m kind of freaking myself out,” she told the outlet.

As for if she’s ready for the arrival of her little bundle of joy, Chelsea said she and husband Cole DeBoer are prepping themselves for the possibly that their baby boy could be entering the world sooner than his Valentine’s Day due date. “Aubree came five weeks early, so I feel like I need to be prepared, like, now,” she said. “We have everything, we just need to finish organizing. We’re nesting.”

Although Chelsea admitted she’s a nervous wreck, her 7-year-old daughter is more than ready to be a big sister. “She’s so excited! I think she was getting sick of hanging out with just Cole and me,” Chelsea said, adding that Aubree said she would help take care of her baby brother. “Definitely no diapers. But she does want to do the feedings. She says she wants to take care of him and help in the middle of the night. We’ll see about that!”

After Chelsea and Cole welcome their baby they plan on having a “huge party” to celebrate their marriage. They wed in a small ceremony on Oct. 1, but Chelsea tweeted at the time that she and Cole were going to wait to have their “big wedding ceremony and reception.”

“I wanted the full experience of a wedding, but I didn’t want to wait to get married,” she explained to the outlet. “So we just had a little intimate thing. After the baby is born, we can throw a huge party, and I don’t have to feel like crap.”

Chelsea’s second pregnancy will be documented on the upcoming Season 8 of “Teen Mom 2.” In a sneak peek, Chelsea can be seen sharing the baby news with Aubree who laughs and giggles once she learns she is going to be a big sister.

“Teen Mom 2” Season 8 premieres Monday, Jan. 2 at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.