A year after “Teen Mom 3” star Brittany DeJesus terminated her pregnancy, she is still struggling with her decision to have an abortion, showing that time may not heal all wounds. In a clip that will air Monday, the older sister opens up for Briana, 19, and their mother Roxanne, about why she is afraid to go to the gynecologist.

Both girls got pregnant around the same time, but while Briana decided to keep her daughter, Nova Star, who is now 2, DeJesus terminated her pregnancy.

In the clip, which is from the ninth show of the series, at first both the women seemed to shrug DeJesus off when she mentioned the doctor, but then she added that the last time she went was for her abortion, and the tone of the conversation instantly changed. The reality star added she was not ready for a “trip down memory lane.”

"I don't want to go and relive that day," she said. "That's why I don't want no one touching me. I'm not ready for that."

She told her sister, “Yours sounds like for a lot, but it’s not. Not for something like that.” It hasn’t been revealed exactly what DeJesus alluded to, yet.

But the reality star wasn’t ready to open up: “I don’t want to bother you guys with my feelings anyway and just be happy,” she said. “Nova’s here, and that’s it.”

DeJesus tries to fight off tears as her sister and mother tell her to remember the reasons why she chose to have an abortion. "We all know you're hiding it, Brittany," Briana added. "You have to let it go." She then encourages her sister to talk about her feelings.

“Teen Mom 3” airs on MTV at 10 p.m. EDT every Monday night Check out the clip below: 


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