Maci Bookout gave birth, Amber Portwood spend time with her daughter, Farrah Abraham partied in Miami and Catelynn Baltierra struggled post-rehab on Monday’s “Teen Mom OG.” MTV

Monday was Mother’s Day in the “Teen Mom OG” universe. While Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Baltierra and Farrah Abraham each got a special celebration, their segments were not completely drama-free. Relive all of the events from Season 6, episode 8 of the MTV series below!


Amber reveals that she’s been getting her daughter Leah every other week but that her custody arrangement with ex Gary Shirley will change when school starts. Amber says she’s excited to have a “normal year of life.”

To celebrate Mother’s Day, she, Matt Baier and Leah go on a boat ride with their family. Amber gets mad at Matt when he refuses to go in the direction she wants and lets Leah drive.

Meanwhile, Gary gets upset when he calls Leah on a cell phone he’s gifted her and is unable to reach her. Gary says he’s missing Leah and is excited to get her back.

Realizing Leah hasn’t seen her parents together in awhile, Gary decides to invite Amber and Matt for a cookout. When he comes time to drop off Leah, Amber turns down Gary's meal invite. Matt tells Amber she looks upset after the call and she comments she’s “down” but doesn’t know why.

Gary tells producers he wishes he and Amber would get along better. He says whenever he’s invited her it’s always from a good place. Gary says he regrets the things he’s said about her and Matt in the past and knows that at the end of the day, they are on the same page.


A few weeks post-treatment, Catelynn admits she has been struggling. Tyler Baltierra says he’s noticed a change in his wife and understands he needs to learn to communicate differently. Tyler says he was told by the people at Catelynn’s treatment facility to hold his tongue when it comes to her life choices.

When asked by producers how she’s holding up not smoking, Catelynn says her main issues were anxiety and depression and not her pot smoking, though they added to her problems. Tyler reveals he enjoys smoking at night and Catelynn says it wouldn’t bother her if he decided to smoke.

On Mother’s Day, Tyler wakes up Catelynn with flowers and takes her see horses, saying he knows she was fond of the horses at her treatment facility in Arizona. Tyler says he hopes the gift will remind her she can still do things she enjoys at home.

Another scene shows Tyler’s mom Kim come to visit. Catelynn tells Kim she’s learned a lot from going to treatment. When Kim comments she swore Catelynn was high recently, Catelynn refuses to confirm if she’s smoked since being back. Tyler says he’s been told he has to keep his mouth shut and that Catelynn is responsible for herself.


Maci packs her hospital bag, saying her doctors told her she’s approaching her due date. Maci worries about who will take care of her son Bentley when she goes to the hospital and ultimately decides it will be Bentley’s grandparents, not his father Ryan Edwards, who she’ll call to help.

Meanwhile, Ryan talks to his parents about his love life. They ask if a recent date he had was successful and he says it was not. His mom advises him to find a woman who gets along with them and Maci because if they don’t it will “get ugly.” Ryan’s dad also begs his son not to make his life “miserable.”

When Maci has another doctor’s appointment she finds out she’s going to be induced. The cameras were not allowed in her delivery room, but she is shown with her and Taylor McKinney’s baby boy Maverick after the fact. Jayde is shown kissing her baby brother’s head and Bentley says he’s happy about his new sibling and plans to teach him to play baseball.

When Maci brings home the baby she and Taylor struggle with getting all three kids to sit at the table and eat. “Have three kids they said. It’ll be fun they said,” Maci jokes as Jayde and Maverick cry.

Later on, Maci and Taylor talk about Ryan and whether or not he’ll show up to Bentley’s upcoming baseball game. Maci says she’s texted Ryan but she hasn’t heard from him in weeks and that he has yet to meet Maverick. Maci wonders if Ryan has a “chemical imbalance” and if that’s why he hasn’t shown up for Bentley’s games, despite not having any other children or a job holding him back.


During Farrah’s Mother’s Day celebration she reveals to her dad Michael she’s having a birthday party at a club in Miami Michael asks her if she’s still dating Simon, noting he sent her a gift for the holiday, and Farrah says things have been “rough” between them since her home renovation fiasco in LA. Farrah calls him “unstable” but refuses to confirm they’re officially done.

When Farrah arrives in Miami with her daughter Sophia and mom Debra, her mom asks her about Simon. Farrah tells her mother her relationship with Simon isn’t going well and is ready to date. Debra says she needs a doctor or lawyer. Farrah goes on to ring in her 25th birthday at a club with a friend.

During a meal with her family the next day, Farrah says being in Miami brings up memories of a time when she didn’t know if she would be successful being a young mom. Farrah says she’s learned she has to stay positive and plans to dedicate her upcoming year to opening businesses, spending time with Sophia and being happy.