Maci Bookout
Maci Bookout made it clear on Monday’s “Teen Mom OG” that she isn’t happy with Ryan Edwards. Maci is pictured at the Bridal Fashion Show on March 6, 2016 in London. Getty Images

Just when Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards were starting to get along, their relationship appeared to come to a screaming halt on Monday’s “Teen Mom OG.” When Ryan failed to make it to several of his son Bentley’s baseball games, the MTV star complained about his parenting skills. Find out what went down between Maci and Ryan, and the rest of the “Teen Mom OG” cast, in Season 6, episode 7 below!

Maci Bookout

When Taylor McKinney worries that Maci will go until labor on her due date leaving their daughter Jayde, who turns 1 one day prior, without a first birthday party, they agree to throw a weeknight cookout. Maci does not invite her son Bentley’s father, Ryan Edwards, opting instead to just have close friends and family over. She does, however, extend an olive branch Bentley’s grandparents, who both attend.

When Ryan talks to his parents, he says he would have gone to Jayde’s birthday had he been invited. Ryan’s parents advise their son to talk to Maci before she delivers and to ask her for more time with Bentley.

However, when Ryan fails to show up to Bentley’s baseball games, Maci is not pleased. Maci tells a friend she’s eight months pregnant and still makes it to all of Bentley’s games whereas Ryan has no job and rarely shows.

“He has no excuses,” Maci says. “If he cared, he would be there.”

Maci goes on to state that if Ryan doesn’t start showing up she’s not going to bring Bentley over to his parents house. She also claims Ryan’s parents are the ones caring for Bentley on the weekends, not Ryan. In a final dig, she labels Ryan as more of Bentley’s big brother than a dad.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah announces to her daughter Sophia that she purchased a home in Los Angeles. Ahead of the move, she travels to LA to renovate her townhome with the help of her mother Debra. Farrah tells her mom that her boyfriend Simon is also joining them and that she now refers to him as “beluga whale” in order to keep Sophia out of the relationship. Despite inviting Simon, Farrah says she’s still angry with him because he refused to own up to knowing about the engagement ring during their therapy session.

When in LA, Farrah says Simon is supposed to buy her furniture because he owes her money. While out and about running errands, Farrah and Simon get in a fight when they disagree about when to assemble the furniture.

Later on, Simon complains to the producers that Farrah did not schedule the renovation properly but says he isn’t going to get in her way. Meanwhile, Farrah complains to her mom that Simon did not get the furniture he was supposed to. She calls him a “liar” and a “scam artist” that makes her feel “disturbed.”

The following night, Simon argues with the production team when they refuse to drive the moving truck. When Farrah calls Simon to ask if he needs help, they get into another fight.

Another scene shows Farrah seeking consolement from a friend. “He says really horrible things to me,” she admits, saying she feels as if Simon is trying to control her. Farrah says if she wasn’t so secure, she would be crying every day.

Amber Portwood

Amber goes shopping to prepare for her daughter Leah’s return from vacation with her dad, Gary Shirley. Amber says she and Matt Baier saved up for a long time to be able to afford their new house, which Leah first referred to as a “mansion.”

While Amber says their new home is closer to Leah and her school, Gary disagrees. He tells his wife he won’t let Amber keep Leah on school nights, saying its important for their daughter’s routine to remain consistent.

While preparing Leah’s new room Amber tells producers she would like to take Leah to school if she’s allowed to. She also shares that everything she does is for Leah’s happiness. Amber admits seeing her daughter upset during her custody battle with Gary made her suicidal and caused her to miss a few visits.

“I even told them one day if I have to keep going on like this I’m going to f---ing kill myself,” Amber says. “I felt so down on myself.”

When it comes time for Gary to drop off Leah he asks her if she enjoys going to both homes and she says she doesn’t like the traveling involved. When Leah sees her new room, however, she’s pleased.

Catelynn Baltierra

Tyler Baltierra says he’s traveling to Arizona to pick up his wife Catelynn Baltierra after 30 days of treatment. Catelynn says she’s nervous about getting out and filming again.

When Catelynn requests to be picked up in the middle of the night, the earliest she can leave, Jessica, a producer, travels to get her. Catelynn meets up with Tyler back at their rental home where he gifts her flowers and a love note.

Tyler says he was hard being a single dad for 30 days and Catelynn thanks him for holding down the fort while she was gone. Catelynn says she’s unsure what she’s going to do with the pet pig that started her upset but that she does have plans to see a counselor and will no longer smoke weed. Catelynn calls getting help the “best thing” she’s ever done for herself.

When Catelynn returns home she goes to see her therapist where she announces she’s 32 days clean and sober. Catelynn shares that her psych evaluations scores were good and understands that her childhood is the source of her anxiety. Now knowing her triggers are chaos and abandonment, Catelynn vows to remember to take care of herself before anyone else.

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