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The cast of "Teen Mom OG" star in a 2016 reunion show. Maci Bookout (left) and Farrah Abraham (center right) were featured in Monday's part one special. Also pictured (from left) Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell. MTV

The 2016 season of “Teen Mom OG” has come to a close but the momma drama is far from over. Monday night, two stars of the MTV docuseries sat down with host Dr. Drew Pinsky to talk about the events that unfolded in Season 5B. While Maci Bookout discussed her co-parenting relationship with her ex, Ryan Edwards, Farrah Abraham opened up about her fight with producer Larry Musnik.

Relive the events from part of the final below:


After Maci and Ryan agreed to work together to raise their son Bentley in the finale, Maci told Dr. Drew they’re still co-parenting. After years of butting heads, Maci said things changed between them because they stop avoiding each other. “We realized we can finally communicate without arguing,” she said.

While the two bickered slightly onstage — Ryan claimed Maci did not tell her about Bentley’s tonsillectomy until the day of — they mostly showed off their new and improved relationship. Ryan said Bentley is an inspiration for them to have a stronger relationship.

After Maci voiced her concerns Ryan would get another troubled girlfriend this season, Dr. Drew revealed Ryan has a new woman in his life and she approves. Maci called her ex’s new partner “awesome” and said she’s “much different” from his former girlfriends. Despite getting Maci’s approval, Ryan, who refused to bring her out onstage, revealed things are not 100 percent official.

“If she can be caring and nurturing and take care of him as his mother, then I’m fine with it,” Maci said.

Watch Maci talk about Ryan's new girlfriend:

Additional tidbits:

  • Maci discussed her desire to marry boyfriend Taylor McKinney. “I would never want to be with anyone else. But at some point, it’s kinda like, I can’t wait forever,” she said. When asked by Dr. Drew why he hasn’t proposed yet, Taylor said he may be working on something. (Taylor ended up popping the question after the reunion.)
  • Maci said Ryan is unemployed.
  • Taylor will be quitting his job to run his T-shirt company.


Dr. Drew had Farrah address the elephant in the room during her segment: her fight with “Teen Mom OG” producer Larry Musnik in the finale. Farrah, who called Larry her “elder,” said there were a lot of moving parts to played into their brawl with her accusing him of antagonizing her and not communicating “appropriately.” Farrah said she and Larry are now getting along.

Farrah’s parents, Debra and Michael, said they were surprised by Farrah’s argument with Larry. ”Let me just keep it very clear: I don’t care to touch people but I don’t care to have someone egg me on, yell at me in my yard,” Farrah said. She did not apologize for calling Larry “white trash.”

After touching on the argument, things took a dark and emotional turn Dr. Drew revealed Farrah had men exploit her in the past. Dr. Drew said Farrah’s “horrific” experiences have caused her to suffer from traumatic reenactment, which he says are the reason for her fights with her mother.

“I want to grow forward,” Farrah said when asked to share her message to MTV viewers. “I would love to continue 'Teen Mom.' I would love to do that. Do I feel like I’m growing as fast that I can grow and being the best person that I can be? ... I don’t know ... I need to just stand firm.”

When Dr. Drew advised Farrah to stop fighting with those around her, Farrah said that’s not a possibility. “I don’t know how far in life I’d get if I didn’t fight for what I believed in. I’d probably still be in Iowa.”

Watch Farrah talk about her past:

Additional tidbits:

  • While Farrah has already started shooting new episodes of “Teen Mom OG,” she refused to confirm if she’ll be back for another season following her squabble with Larry. She did say that if she was asked back, she'll return.
  • Despite looking at engagement rings in the finale, Farrah revealed she’s no longer dating Simon. Farrah said she's sad it did not work out and revealed she never met his family.
  • When talking about Farrah’s exploitation — alluding to her 2013 sex tape — Michael said he ultimately trusted people, a management team, who he shouldn’t have. Michael said he got over it with a lot of “hope” and “prayer.”

The second half of the “Teen Mom OG” reunion will focus on Catelynn Lowell’s battle with postpartum depression and Amber Portwood’s fiancé Matt Baier’s scandalous paternity allegations. “Teen Mom OG” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.