“Teen Mom OG” star Farrah Abraham did something actress Megan Fox condemned last week: She created a social media profile for her 6-year-old daughter, Sophia. Despite facing a major backlash from naysayers, Abraham defended the move in an exclusive interview with OK! Magazine on Wednesday.

Abraham, 24, claimed her daughter admired her Snapchat and Instagram page so she wanted one for herself. They had some “deep talks” about the issue and the sex tape star decided it would be best for Sophia to have her own account. “I include her as much as I can, but I do like to keep some things separate. I think that’s why it was important to give Sophia her own light,” she told the publication Wednesday.

The “Teen Mom” star reasoned her daughter is a public figure, so naturally she should have an online presence.  “I have to say it’s not really outlandish to do that when you are in the public eye,” Abraham told OK! Magazine. “She has her own huge fan base and she should have an Instagram, a Snapchat, a Facebook, a Twitter and she has all those things.”

It’s something Fox, 29, spoke directly against during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I think it's really toxic for our youth culture," she said. "There is a hierarchy in schools of who's the cool kid based on who has the most followers and who has the most likes.”

Abraham mused she will be able to protect Sophia because her daughter will only see the fun things and not monitor the account. “It's me and everyone else approving things and watching over,” the reality star said. “It’s not Sophia directly -- she has fun with it.”

Abraham is known for her controversial parenting decisions. She’s caused an uproar when she tried to wax Sophia’s eyebrows while slept when she was 3 years old. The reality star also stated she would allow Sophia to get plastic surgery when she’s older, In Touch Weekly noted.

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