• Leah Messer shared a snap she took with her daughter Ali on Instagram
  • The "Teen Mom 2" star is sick of the despicable comments that her photo with Ali received
  • Messer spends her quarantine time with her three daughters

Leah Messer responded to the trolls who criticized her daughter Ali.

The “Teen Mom” star was not happy with the comments some trolls left on her post featuring a photo of her with Ali. The reality star said she was “sickened” by the hateful messages from some of her followers that targeted her daughter, who was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy in 2014.

“Some of the comments on a photo of me with Ali are despicable. I’m sickened,” Messer wrote on Twitter.

“What world are we living and raising our children in? Let’s teach all of our kids that we are each born with unique differences that make us the beautiful individuals we are!!!”

Several commented on Messer’s post on Twitter and sympathized with her. One was sorry that the celebrity mom had to deal with such criticisms when the picture she shared was “absolutely beautiful.”

“OMG! I am so sorry you have to deal with this shit. The picture is absolutely beautiful and I am sickened with how people treat you,” the online user commented.

“I’m so sorry @LeahMesser. So many are so cruel and judgmental. Don’t forget these are sick people and instead of looking at themselves in the mirror, they get their kicks by bullying others,” @leland777 added.

“My girl knows her worth, but it's disturbing,” Messer replied.

On Messer’s post, one fan commented that Ali has the best cheeks. However, a troll responded and wrote, “Her face look like a wilted rubber Halloween mask dont front.”

Many defended Ali from the troll because they found the comment mean and insulting. Meanwhile, one fan also said that Ali looked like her mom, Messer.

“I see a lot of you in her more and more as time goes on. Getting passed her brown eyes and hair I think she looks like you,” Messer’s follower wrote.

In related news, Messer is quarantining with her three daughters. According to her, they do little things together like yoga, dance and TikTok to keep themselves active and entertained at the same time. She also shared that they still sleep with her on her bed.

Ali, 10, has a twin sister named Aleeah, and Messer shares them with ex Corey Simms. Messer also has a 7-year-old daughter named Adalynn with ex Jeremy Calvert.

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"Teen Mom 2" features Leah Messer. MTV