• Wilson Brandon Scott III was arrested on charges of murder for fatally shooting his sister on Nov. 27
  • Police have also arrested Yusef McArthur El on charges of murder and robbery
  • Investigators are on the lookout for one more man who has not been identified

A Georgia teen boy accused of fatally shooting his sister over the weekend reportedly made guns at his home. The accidental shooting happened during a botched gun sale, authorities said.

The 13-year-old boy, identified as Wilson Brandon Scott III, was arrested on charges of murder for fatally shooting his 14-year-old sister Kyra Scott on Nov. 27. Wilson was targeting to shoot two people who tried to take his gun without paying for it when the bullet accidentally struck the victim, Douglas County Sheriff Tim Pounds said Wednesday, as reported by CBS 46.

Police have also arrested one of the men, identified as 19-year-old Yusef McArthur El, who tried to rob Wilson. The former has been arrested on charges of felony murder and robbery. Investigators are on the lookout for one more man who has not been identified.

Wilson reportedly made guns including semi-automatic weapons at his home by ordering materials needed for it online. He then sold them on the streets to others, the sheriff said, as reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

On the day of the incident, the two men came to Wilson's house in Douglasville to buy a homemade gun. When they took the gun and tried to flee the place without paying him money, Wilson reportedly fired a shot using another gun that he made.

“According to the investigation, he was shooting at the folks that took his weapon. But instead, he shot his sister. And it’s so sad his sister’s death happened,” Pounds said.

After the incident, someone in the family called 911. Meanwhile, Kyra's mother decided to rush her to a hospital, and on her way she pulled into a gas station seeking help, police said. The first responders arrived at the scene and performed life-saving measures, but Kyra succumbed to the injuries.

“A 13-year-old kid probably only weighs about 80 pounds, is able to do, make a weapon from start to finish, at 13 years old," Pounds said as he expressed his shock at the incident. Investigators were trying to determine how long Wilson had been making weapons at his home and if anyone in the family knew about it.

Douglas County District Attorney Dalia Racine described the incident as “a tragedy of epic proportion." 

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