Teen Wolf season 3 spoilers
Who will die in season 3 of "Teen Wolf"? MTV series has already picked a replacement character. Teen Wolf

Things are really heating up in season 3 of “Teen Wolf.” From Stiles’ body being invaded by a revenge-seeking nogitsune to masked demons running rampant, it seems that fans of the teen drama just can’t catch a break. But out of all the heart-racing scenes Jeff Davis has created, there’s one moment in particular that really takes the cake — and it’s in the midseason 3 finale promo.

In the creepy trailer, we see a lot of action go down. But amongst all the flashbacks and spooky scenes is a frightening message that’s splashed between cuts. “One hero will fall,” the promo promises fans. And at that exact moment, we see Derek collapsing to the floor with a wound in the middle of his chest.

Um, there’s no way Davis would take Derek away from us, right? Well, fans will find out what the savvy director has up his sleeves before the midseason finale airs on March 24. Another character that fans are speculating will die in season 3 is Stiles. But don’t freak out just yet! We really have doubts about that prediction. The only reason that death rumors are swirling around Stiles is because in the promo we see Argent threatening to shoot him. And of course, the mischievous nogitsune eggs him on.

Although we don’t know who dies before season 3 comes to an end, we know for certain that one original cast member will not be appearing next season. And according to reports, “Teen Wolf” has already replaced a soon-to-be-dead character with a new one.

“The show is currently casting the role of Mason, an out-and-proud athlete, described as funny, witty and handsome,” TV Line reported. But if Stiles died, there’s no way we’d ever smile again. We don’t care how funny Mason is. “[Mason] is also the best friend of Beacon Hills High’s new star lacrosse player.”

Apparently, fans will meet both characters next season. “If this sounds like Danny and Jackson 2.0, it’s probably because it is,” TV Line said. But there is one huge difference between Mason and the other characters. The new jock will be a little more involved with the supernatural world in his town than Danny.

Whom do you think Mason is replacing on “Teen Wolf”? Let us know your predictions of who you think will be killed off in the midseason finale in the comments section below.