They’re back! And according to reports, our favorite characters from the MTV hit series “Teen Wolf” will be bloodier than ever when Season 4 makes its grand debut on Monday, June 23 at 10 p.m. EDT. How do we know? Well, besides the obvious fact that the Jeff Davis created drama only gets bigger and badder with each passing season, a cast member from the show leaked photos from the blood-drenched set on Instagram, bolstering out statement.

The photo-happy leaker was Melissa Ponzio or better known as Melissa McCall, the mother of “Teen Wolf’s” howling-hottie Scott McCall.

“Overheard on #teenwolf set today… ‘more blood…or, just do something’ more blood it is!!,” she teased her thousands of followers, along with an eyebrow-raising photo.

In the picture, fans were shown not a drop or a puddle but buckets of red blood-like liquid dumped onto a dirty floor.

“Oh, this can’t be good,” Instagram user @solveighughes responded to the mess, emphasizing their sadness with a crying face.

But that’s not the only behind-scenes photo Ponzio snapped. The actress posted two pics from a crime scene of a blood-stained elevator and a blood-drenched cabinet.

“At least the elevator is in better shape than this cart… #bhmh #teenwolf @MTVteenwolf,” Ponzio quipped.

In addition to her gory stills, Ponzio made sure to give fans some comic relief by posting humorous pictures from a photo of Beacon Hill’s Sheriff Station to a look at what Dylan O’Brien likes to snack on in between sets, and even a picture of how hard it is for wolves to operate a phone!

Are you excited for Season 4 of “Teen Wolf”? We know we are – especially after Ponzio’s pics! Whose blood do you think was shed in those Instagram photos? If we learned anything from Davis’ drama it’s that no one is safe.

Chime in with you predictions for the upcoming season in the comments section below and stay tuned for me Season 4 scoop when the premiere date of “Teen Wolf” nears.