Derek Season 4 finale
Did Derek Hale survive the "Teen Wolf" Season 4 finale or did he finally die? Find out below. Jaimie Trueblood/MTV

“Teen Wolf” fans had one question about the Season 4 finale that they were afraid to ask: Was Derek going to survive? Things haven’t gone well for Derek throughout Season 4. He lost his powers, and he wasn’t adjusting to humanity very well. Then Lydia came to his door and screamed, which typically means that someone is going to die. Lydia has never been wrong about a death so far, but was there a loophole? Find out what happened to Derek in the “Teen Wolf” Season 4 finale:

THAT MEANS SPOILERS ARE BELOW! If you don’t want to know what happened to Derek, do not read further.

Derek and Braeden prepared for saving Scott with a lot of guns. Derek mentioned that he hated feeling helpless, and Braeden realized that he believed Lydia’s prediction. He truly believed that he was going to Mexico to save Scott and Kira ... and die.

On the way to La Iglesia, Derek and Braeden brought a U.S. Marshall van to hold Liam since it was the night of the full moon. They locked Liam in the back with Stiles and Derek, and Derek gave Liam a talisman with the triskelion on it. He claimed that it helped betas learn how to control transformations. In what almost felt like a flashback to “Teen Wolf” Season 1, Derek told the new wolf to focus on their mantra: “alpha, beta, omega.” However, it didn’t quite work. Liam almost lost control and overturned the van.

Stiles came in and saved them from Liam with a different mantra: “What three things cannot long be hidden?” he asked. “The sun, the moon, the truth,” Liam answered. It’s the mantra of Satomi's pack. They seemed ready for action when they pull up to La Iglesias—until a berserker attacked Derek as soon as he opened the car door. He was thrown to the ground and stabbed by the Berserker. It was clear that Derek wasn't going into the church with the others. Everyone looked concerned; even Peter look scared.

“Hey,” Derek said to Stiles. “Save him.”

Stiles gave one look back before leaving while Braeden stayed by Derek’s side. “Lydia was right,” he told her.

Braeden told him he was going to be fine. Derek said, “It’s a mortal wound and right now I’m feeling pretty mortal.”

However he could manage to hold a gun while Braeden hid to see who was coming. It was Kate and a Berserker. The Berserker put Braeden up against a wall and he could have crushed her throat if a bunch of vans with Argent, Parrish and the Calaveras didn’t come in. The hunters came in guns blazing, literally. It was just a slew of gunfire until no one could see Kate.

Braeden went back to Derek, who was barely conscious. He actually lost consciousness as Braeden was calling his name, and it seemed like he was dead. Braeden cried silently as the Calaveras looked for Kate. She picked up her gun and started shooting as soon as she saw Kate, despite her tears.

Kate was eventually confronted by Araya Calavera, and it looked like the hunter was out of ammo. “Let me show you how the Calaveras die,” Araya said. A wolf howl interrupted the confrontation. An actual black wolf with blue eyes attacked Kate, not the typical half man/half wolf creation that the werewolves typically turn into...but the wolf turns into Derek.

“You’re dead,” Kate said.

“No, I was evolving,” Derek said. “Something you’ll never do.”

Derek didn’t kill Kate though. It was Argent who fired a shot with yellow wolfsbane into his sister. But don't worry, he didn't kill her. Kate lived long enough to run off.

Longtime fans will remember that we saw werewolves as actual wolves in the beginning of Season 1. In the very beginning of the series, Derek’s sister Laura was killed and Scott and Stiles found her body in wolf form. Finally, fans have answers to a question that’s been lingering since first season (though plenty of other questions didn’t get answered).

It also looks like someone finally found a loophole through Lydia’s predictions. The deaths she predicts aren't always permanent. Now Derek is alive with powers and stronger than ever.

“Teen Wolf” will return in 2015. What did you think of Derek’s fate? Does it seem like a silly loophole or was it a great plot twist? Sound off in the comments section below!