Ready to sink your teeth into some “Teen Wolf” news? The hit MTV series will be returning to the small screen with its highly anticipated fourth season on Monday, June 23. And if fans thought last season of the Jeff Davis drama was nail-biting, just wait until they get a taste of what he has in store for the coming season. Hint: It’s going to be bloody insane.

According to TV Line, a “Teen Wolf” character will be killed off in the imminent future. And lo and behold, it will be Miss Lydia Martin who will foresee this dark event. But the question is, whose life is in danger and will the victim be killed off in episode 1, “The Dark Moon”? Now that would be starting off Season 4 with a bang.

To elaborate, it was revealed that Holland Roden’s character will meet someone in the premiere who will be able to tell her more about her banshee powers than she already knows. This mystery creature will also be the one to force Lydia to predict the death of a Beacon Hill resident.

“Is someone in there going to die?” fans can hear Sheriff Stilinski ask in the premiere promo.

“Yes,” Lydia responds, eerily adding that "it’s not just a feeling.”

So, which character will be getting the axe in Season 4? We’re not sure – but we do know that one new character will have blood on their hands. A new villain called The Benefactor will be sending a slew of professionally trained assassins to town to rid Beacon Hill of all its supernatural creatures.

“We call it the Dead Pool,” Davis explained to BuzzFeed of the show’s newest drama. “It’s a list of names, a list of all the various kinds of supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills – it’s essentially a hit list – and all of their names are on it. The mystery is: Who is this person paying out for the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills to be murdered? Who is the benefactor?”

It looks like the characters of “Teen Wolf” will have to watch their back this season – or else they might find an assassins' knife lodged deep down inside. And according to Roden, this time no one will be coming back from the dead.

"There will be no more people rising from the dead like we had in Season 1, 2 and 3," she revealed in a featurette video. "They mean it this time."

Who do you think will be on the chopping block this season of “Teen Wolf”? Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions.