Stiles and Malia Teen Wolf
Check out a recap of "Teen Wolf" Season 4 episode 4, "The Benefactor." MTV

The teenagers of Beacon Hills tried to tame their werewolf and were-coyote this week, but that’s the least of their problems. Check out what happened on this week’s episode to find out about the list that wants every character dead.

The episode starts right where last week left off, with Scott having just bitten Liam. Scott duct-tapes Liam to keep him at his house. Scott and Stiles try to explain that he is either going to become a werewolf or die. They fail miserably.

Stiles says, “Now you’ve seen a lot of confusing things to tonight and more confusing things are going to happen because of the confusing things tonight.”

But Liam cries and Scott and Stiles take pity and release him. The new werewolf makes a run for it, and somehow Scott becomes as clumsy as Stiles. The two let him get away. Scott attempts to talk to Liam again in the halls of the school.

“Liam, we’re brothers now,” Scott says, quoting Derek.

Liam says, “What are you talking about? We just met and you bit me.” Liam says that nothing is happening to him and reveals his healed arm, which means he won't be dying but is becoming a werewolf. The boys are going to have to get a little more creative in order to get him to listen.

Lydia decides that they can trick the freshman into thinking that he is going to a party. Lydia volunteers Kira for the job. She attempts to have a cool girl moment while walking down the stairs. She has great lighting, the wind blows her hair back, she walks in slow motion … and falls on her face. Liam is still enamored and agrees to go to the fake party.

While waiting for Liam to show up, Stiles discovers that Liam was kicked out of his old school after bashing a teacher’s car with a crowbar and scratching “This is your fault” into the side. A new werewolf with anger issues isn’t safe.

Speaking of rage, Malia isn’t quite in control of her coyote self and still needs to be chained during the full moon. Sheriff Stilinski walks in on his son Stiles chaining up Malia. “I don’t want to know,” he says.

Later that night, Stiles refuses to leave Malia in Lydia’s basement even as she tells Stiles how she wants to feel his bones crush in her hand. Malia’s chains are breaking, but Stiles talks her through. He calms her down enough that the claws retract and the fangs disappear.

Scott has Liam out in the boathouse. Kira knocks him out when he goes after Scott and they chain him up. Scott and Kira have a romantic dance by the water until Liam regains consciousness. The new werewolf jumps out a window and Scott goes after him but loses him in the woods.

Scott finds Mr. Argent in the woods, marking the character’s first appearance since his daughter’s death. He received Scott’s text and set up a trap for the new werewolf. Scott gets Liam to finally stay still and explains what is happening to him. Liam breaks down in tears.

The Hales can’t help Scott with the new werewolf because their lives are in danger. The Mute attacks Peter with a tomahawk in the chest tells him that Derek is next. Derek manages to heal Peter, but the older wolf has vengeance on the brain.

Derek works with the sheriff to figure out the mystery behind The Mute. Deputy Parrish comes to the rescue again this week and helps them figure out how to track down The Mute. They use the computerized glove left behind (how The Mute communicated) to discover that he is being funded by someone only known as The Benefactor.

The Sheriff and Derek go to the school together since that’s the last place the glove connected to the internet. As they enter, Derek points out that no one is there. Sheriff Stilinski keeps his gun ready. “I’ve seen enough at this school to know to keep a gun in my hand when walking in after dark,” he says.

The two discover a bomb in a classroom, but they are able to avoid setting it off. The Mute tries to attack, but the Sheriff and Derek have him cornered. While the Sheriff tries to arrest him, Peter attacks and shreds his throat. The Sheriff points the gun at Peter, but he can’t shoot him.

Lydia has to deal with all the freshmen that Liam invites to their fake party, and suddenly Lydia has to throw a real party. Lydia almost has to pay for a keg before one of the new freshmen steps in to pay the tab. The keg delivery man goes to his car and turns out to be a werewolf. He starts chanting when he starts to turn, but a freshman girl cuts his head off.

She follows another freshman upstairs. They look like they’re having a conversation, but all that can be heard is the faint thumping of the music and the sounds of their actions (scrubbing wine out of the carpet, scratching of the record player). After the freshman leaves, Lydia sees faces press through the wall.

Lydia hears key to break the code she has been writing. It turns out it's a computer code and "Allison" is the password to unlock it. She finds a list of all supernatural people in Beacon Hills. They’re all on it, Lydia, Kira, Scott, Derek and more, each with a number. Someone wants them all dead, and it looks like someone is willing to put a hefty price tag on their heads.

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