Teen Wolf 504 Spoilers
Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) will go on a dangerous mission in "Teen Wolf" Season 5, episode 4. MTV

Despite being temporarily paralyzed last week, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) will be back in trouble in “Teen Wolf” Season 5, episode 4. The good news: he found something to take his mind off of his distrust of Theo (Cody Christian). The bad news: he is focusing on a criminal instead.

“Stiles tracks a fugitive,” the episode 4 synopsis teases. In the promo video for the MTV drama below, Malia (Shelley Hennig) tells Stiles about the Dread Doctors. Could he be following a fugitive in order to find out more about the new villains? They seemed to infect Donovan (Ashton Moio) in episode 3, but the criminal was back in police custody by the end of the episode. However, with the Doctors controlling him, he could probably make a prison break pretty easily.

An even bigger question: where is Scott (Tyler Posey)? He can’t possibly think that it’s fine for the human Stiles to track down a dangerous fugitive, but maybe Stiles is keeping secrets from his friend. This might be the beginning of the rift in their friendship.

At San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Jeff Davis teased, “Something happens in episode 5 at the beginning of the episode that causes a rift between Scott and Stiles.” However, they might start to drift apart a little before their big fallout.

Some bromances are doing better than others. Elsewhere in episode 4, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Mason (Khylin Rhambo) will bond. Since Mason played sidekick while they searched for clues about Tracy (Kelsey Chow) in the woods, it’s time for Liam to help out his buddy. “Liam plays wingman for Mason at a nightclub,” according to the synopsis. Will Liam be able to help Mason find a new boyfriend?

Not mentioned in the synopsis is Parrish (Ryan Kelley), but luckily, he makes an appearance in the promo video below. It looks like his powers start to act up again, and he’ll turn to Lydia (Holland Roden) for help.

Watch the “Teen Wolf” Season 5, episode 4 promo below:

“Teen Wolf” Season 5, episode 4 airs Monday at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Do you think we’ll find out what Parrish is this week? Sound off in the comments section below!