Teen Wolf 512 recap
Stiles (Dylan O'Brien, pictured) reunited with Scott (Tyler Posey) in "Teen Wolf" Season 5B, episode 12. MTV

Help can come from the most unexpected places. In “Teen Wolf” Season 5B, episode 12, the Beast of Gévaudan was revealed. A ferocious creature requires some back up. While Chris Argent (J.R. Bourne) decided he needed a hand, Lydia (Holland Roden) met an unexpected mentoring.

The Beast is Revealed: Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) follows Hayden (Victoria Moroles) and her sister Deputy Clarke (Benita Robledo). They get a call from the Sheriff’s office that the deputy has to check out the communications building. Hayden stays in the car while Clarke goes inside and finds a man that has been attacked.

Outside, Liam approaches Hayden. He doesn’t understand why she hasn’t returned his messages. It seems Hayden thinks she was just left for dead, rather than actually dead. She doesn’t have much interest in talking to the werewolf, but they don’t have time to bicker.

Deputy Clarke sees the Beast and yells for Hayden to run. The wolf and the chimera run through the woods and have to jump off a cliff onto another. Unfortunately, the Beast has better jumping skills. Liam pulls Hayden off the cliff.

Liam breaks his back, but once Hayden knows he’ll heal, she leaves him by himself to go find her sister.

Scott and Stiles Reunite: Parrish (Ryan Kelley) brings Scott (Tyler Posey) to the crime scene. They find mercury with a blacklight and realize that the Beast is the “last chimera.”

Meanwhile, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) finds his father (Linden Ashby) in the morgue. Stiles admits that he is the one who killed Donovan (Ashton Moio). The Sheriff promises that he would’ve believed his son if he told the truth. He even says that he would’ve buried all evidence if it looked like he was guilty.

The Sheriff knows that Stiles won’t feel right until he balances this inner conflict. He wonders if saving a life could fix that. Stiles says it’s more than guilt. The Sheriff tells him that he has to forgive himself, and if he can’t do that, maybe he should start by forgiving someone else—someone like Scott.

Stiles goes to Scott for help with the security footage from the communications building. Only the technician and the deputy enter, so how did the Beast get in without being recorded? They have to go look for another entrance.

Search For The Desert Wolf: Scott goes to Malia (Shelley Hennig) for help early on in episode 12, but she refuses to return to the pack. She says Scott won’t like her much after what she’s about to do.

She and Braeden (Meagan Tandy) are violently interrogating someone. Braeden pays him ten thousand dollars, and suddenly, he gives up everything he knows easily. He says the Desert Wolf (Marisol Nichols) is avoiding flying because she has a hostage, an animal doctor. Malia knows it’s Deaton (Seth Gilliam).

Theo’s Pack: Throughout the episode, it’s clear that Theo (Cody Christian) is building his own pack with the chimeras. He takes Tracy (Kelsey Chow) to see her father in the hospital. She poisons her dad’s IV with her venomous claw.

Hayden finds Theo and says that the Beast is exactly what he warned her about. She promises not to tell anyone, and he says that the Beast won’t hurt the chimeras as long as they’re together. Theo also reminds her that she can’t hide anything from him.

Later, Theo electrocutes Josh (Henry Zaga) after the new chimera realizes he can’t get drunk or high anymore. Liam sees, so he teams up with Mason (Khylin Rhambo) to get more information.

Mason approaches Corey (Michael Johnston) at school, and it gets a little awkward. However, he quickly gets a date. Liam is a little frustrated that Mason didn’t get any information on Theo.

Later, Corey meets Theo in the hallway. The new chimera worries about hurting his friends. “They don’t know it yet, but we’re going to protect them,” Theo tells Corey.

Liam has to tell Scott about Theo’s new pack, but he isn’t sure how to talk to his Alpha after trying to kill him. Still, he goes looking for Scott, intending to apologize, but Hayden finds him instead. She tells him that something is suddenly different. Nothing feels right since dying – except Liam. She asks him how he feels about her, and he responds with a kiss.

A Confrontation of Packs: Scott and Stiles return to the crime scene, and Scott has to lift some lockers off the ground. His strength, much like his healing, isn’t working too well. Stiles has to help the Alpha. They discover a hole in the floor that was obviously used as an entrance. They follow a trail of mercury with a black light and find the phrase “Damnatio Memoriae” on the ground. That’s when Tracy attacks Stiles and paralyzes him temporarily.

Theo has two other chimeras try to attack, and even though Scott isn’t at full strength, the new chimeras are still no match for him. He takes out Tracy and Josh, and Corey is too scared to even fight. Theo claims they’re all on the same side, though. They’re all fighting the Beast.

Theo destroys the latin phrase on the ground and leaves. Luckily, Stiles remembers it and even knows what it means. “Damnatio memoriae” means a condemnation of memory. Stiles thinks the Dread Doctors didn’t create a new creature with the Beast. They resurrected something old.

An Out of Body Experience: Lydia (Holland Roden) has her own adventure this week. She starts to walk out of her room at Eichen House and looks back to see her body still in bed. She goes into a bathroom and sees someone covered in black liquid coming out of the tub. It’s Meredith (Maya Eschet), who tells her not to be afraid.

A nurse at Eichen House tells Lydia’s catatonic body that she is faking it. Meanwhile, Lydia’s consciousness talks to her banshee friend. Meredith promises to teach Lydia how to use her banshee powers.

Family Reunion: Argent gets a plant and brings it to Gerard (Michael Hogan), who has apparently been coughing up black liquid since an incident in Season 2. But Chris, who Scott brought in as backup, desperately needs help. Gerard eats Argent’s plant and finally stops coughing up black goo. Gerard says that he knows the Dread Doctors brought back the Beast of Gévaudan. He says it’s “only purpose was to kill” and it has a connection to the Argent family.

While Argent gets more info, Scott realizes that he needs more people on his team. Scott tells Stiles that they’re putting the pack back together. First, they need to find Kira (Arden Cho), who is in the desert with her mother. She is looking for shape shifters. Suddenly, three women come crawling out of the ground with weapons, and Kira gets ready for a fight.

“Teen Wolf” Season 5B airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.