“Teen Wolf” Season 6 is being touted as the final season of the drama, but it seems teenage werewolves will not be absent from MTV for long. While Scott’s pack in Beacon Hills will end their story, there are plenty of other teen wolves whose stories will be told through both a podcast and a reboot.

MTV president Chris McCarthy told the Hollywood Reporter that the “Teen Wolf” franchise will continue. The outlet reports that a reboot with new characters and settings is being developed.

“We want to give it enough time to let the series finale marinate a year or so, and then when we find the right story and the right cast, look to resurrect it,” McCarthy revealed.

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First, however, there will be a podcast. MTV is looking to keep telling werewolf tales via audio stories, and it sounds like those will launch a little sooner than the rebooted TV show.

Teen Wolf reboot “Teen Wolf” Season 6B will finish Scott's (Tyler Posey) story, but a reboot and podcast will tell the stories of other teen wolves. Photo: MTV

“How do we keep this franchise alive in podcasts, in the spirit of ‘Serial,’ and then how do we actually reboot an entire new class? Because the heart of MTV is around these timeless issues of young people and coming of age, but the timely piece will be the whole new cast, new set of issues and stories to explore through them,” McCarthy explained.

The president of MTV also revealed that showrunner Jeff Davis will be involved with the new projects, although he didn’t specify in what capacity. “With ‘Teen Wolf,’ we have such a beautiful gem. And when you have a creator like Jeff that is such an amazing partner and the fan base that is hungry for more, we’re crazy not to,” he added.

It isn’t entirely surprising to see that Davis is up for continuing the story. When International Business Times spoke to him at New York Comic Con last fall, he said that he and star Tyler Posey had talked about coming back to the series eventually, possibly in the form of a movie.

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“That would be really fun,” Davis said. “Tyler Posey [who plays Scott] and I have talked about it before, how fun it would be to do a movie, especially if we could get a bigger budget. So we could shoot in interesting places and have plenty of money for special effects. That’d be fun. I’d be up for it.”

For now, however, “Teen Wolf” fans just need to worry about who will survive the final season. Hunters are back in Beacon Hills, and it sounds like they’re coming after Scott’s pack. He’ll even get some reinforcements from returning characters like Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), Jackson (Colton Haynes) and more.

“Teen Wolf” fans will get a sneak peek at the new season if they are at San Diego Comic Con 2017. The cast and crew will be in Hall H on Thursday at 2 p.m. to preview the new episodes. The official cast list for the event has yet to be released, but both series regulars and surprise guests are expected.

“Teen Wolf” Season 6B premieres Sunday, July 30 at 8 p.m. EDT on MTV.