Teen Wolf
Scott (Tyler Posey) and Lydia (Holland Roden) went to the Sheriff (Linden Ashby) for help in “Teen Wolf” Season 6, episode 3. MTV

The pack is pretty divided these days. In “Teen Wolf” Season 6, episode 3, Lydia, Scott and Malia continued to search for their missing friend. However, Corey, Mason, Liam and Hayden had to protect the Ghost Riders’ next victim. Unfortunately, Scott might not be able to leave things in the hands of the younger pack members just yet.

The Next Victim: A girl named Gwen comes in looking for her sister Phoebe’s stuff in the girls’ locker room. Phoebe was on the lacrosse team for two years, but no one remembers her. Everyone thinks Gwen is crazy, but Hayden (Victoria Moroles) believes her. Gwen says she saw a man standing in her yard, and Hayden realizes Gwen will be the next person erased from reality. Hayden tries to explain the Ghost Riders, but Gwen thinks Hayden is mocking her.

Scott (Tyler Posey) tells Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) to keep Gwen safe. It doesn’t matter where, so they move Nathan’s lacrosse party to Scott’s house, which Mason (Khylin Rhambo) lines with mountain ash. Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) is working until 4 am, so they think they’ll have the party cleaned up by the time she gets home. They don’t run this by Scott, however, since he is busy search for his missing friend.

All the couples try to have a good time at the party while they can, but eventually, Gwen comes running downstairs. A Ghost Rider is chasing her, but no one else can see. Corey (Michael Johnston) goes invisible and touches a Rider to bring him into the regular plane. It makes him visible to the entire party. Once you see a Ghost Rider, you’re next on their list. The Ghost Riders just added a whole lot of people to their list of victims. Corey yells for everyone to clear out, leaving only the young pack members and Gwen behind.

Now that he’s real, he can’t step over the mountain ash. The Rider is trapped, so Corey and Liam fight him. Still, he’s too strong. His whip eventually breaks through the barrier and grabs Gwen’s leg. Parrish (Ryan Kelley) shows up and demands the Ghost Rider let her go. Parrish shoots the Ghost Rider, but nothing happens. Parrish looks at the Rider, but the Rider isn’t afraid. He lets go of Gwen, walks to Parrish and stares into the barrel of his gun. The Ghost Rider disappears in a swirl of leaves.

Scott isn’t thrilled about what has happened. He isn’t quite sure why a party at his house was necessary, and he’s even more upset when he finds out that the Ghost Rider was visible to everyone. He points out to Liam that all of his friends could be a victim.

What’s A Stiles? For most of the episode, the seniors are searching for Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). Lydia (Holland Roden) and Scott are looking up the word “stiles” while Malia (Shelley Hennig) tries to take a makeup test with Mrs. Martin (Susan Walters). She’s about to have a panic attack, and her claws come out. Mrs. Martin thinks breathing techniques are the trick, but Malia ends up going full coyote.

The Sheriff (Linden Ashby) comes by and tells Scott to growl at her. After all, he is the alpha. Lydia, however, realizes that they need to give her space. When they back away, she calms down and becomes human again. They wonder what could be making Malia shift, and Scott wonder if it’s connected to Stiles. However, they still don’t know what a Stiles is.

Luckily, Sheriff Stilinski is there to tell them that Stiles is a person. It seems Stiles is a family nickname. No, the Sheriff doesn’t remember his son. His father used the moniker.

Elias “Stiles” Stilinski was an army engineer, and Lydia and Scott want to talk to him. The Sheriff and his undead wife Claudia (Joey Honsa) don’t think it’s a good idea. While they’re talking, Lydia suddenly has a vision of an old woman walking through the room. “The following stops have been canceled,” she tells Lydia. The banshee hears train noises again and follows the old woman. She finds the vision staring at the wall. Lydia tries to talk to her, but the woman won’t say anything.

Back in the living room, Scott learns he has to find another lead. “You don’t just talk to this guy, okay?!” the Sheriff yells at Scott.

Elias Stilinski: Of course, they’re going to find Elias anyway. Malia locks a nurse in a closet so that they can go talk to Elias at the nursing home. He has dementia. He thinks Scott is the Sheriff and that it’s 1976. It doesn’t seem like they’re going to get answers out of him, and Malia is getting impatient.

When the sun goes down, Elias starts to lose control of his temper. It’s called sundowning, which is also the title of episode 3. Dementia patients lose their temper or become confused when the sun goes down. Lydia helps him stay calm by focusing on math equations.

Suddenly, Elias knows what’s happening. He knew Scott’s dad. He recognizes Lydia as Natalie’s daughter. The Sheriff interrupts, though. He got a call that a staff member was assaulted, and he kicks the kids out. He barely acknowledges his father.

“Go crawling back to your dead wife and your loser son!” Elias yells. He loses his grasp on reality before the Sheriff can ask him to clarify.

Later, the Sheriff asks Claudia if she ever has second thoughts about them not having kids. She claims she never has regrets.

The Sheriff visits Scott and helps him clean up the party. He reveals to Scott that Elias was abusive. He pushed the Sheriff through a glass table while trying to beat his wife. Obviously, it makes their relationship difficult.

He continues to open up to Scott. The Sheriff says that he’s been having dreams that feel real. In the dream, he and Claudia are talking about kids. He wanted to name his son after Claudia’s dad, despite an awful name, because he’s a good father. “Okay, we’ll name him that, but it won’t matter. He’ll just be called Stiles anyway,” dream Claudia tells him.

The New Argent/McCall Team: Over at the McCall house, Melissa hears someone rummaging through her kitchen. It’s Chris Argent (J.R. Bourne), who has a cup of coffee waiting for her. He also wants her to help him see a body in the morgue.

The body belongs to the guy found in the boiler room in the premiere episode. Argent shows Melissa the teeth marks in the victim’s head. Something bit through his skull, and Argent says that this isn’t the first victim he has found like this.

The pineal gland, a gland in the center of the brain, is missing from both victims. Supposedly, that’s where the soul is. Could there be someone stealing souls in Beacon Hills?

Bad Teacher: In physics class, Mr. Douglas (Pete Ploszek) talks about power and makes a magnet. During his lecture, he starts having a coughing fit, complete with flashbacks to a tank in the Dread Doctors’ lab. He runs into the closet and uses a mask to get his breathing under control. The flashbacks reveal that Douglas is the Nazi werewolf that the Dread Doctors’ had kept, the one who escaped in last season’s finale.

It seems Mr. Douglas isn’t just a Nazi werewolf. He also might be snacking on people’s souls. Douglas is the one ripping out the pineal gland. He eats the gland and looks like he’s in ecstasy. His eyes even go red, like an alpha.

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