Even death can’t stop “Teen Wolf” characters from dating. Hayden (Victoria Moroles) returned from the grave in the Season 5A finale, but that won’t get in the way of her relationship. The trailer for “Teen Wolf” Season 5B showed Hayden and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) kissing. Sprayberry told reporters in a press room at New York Comic Con that although they're back together, they'll still have a lot of obstacles to overcome. 

“I don’t want to ruin anything, but obviously, if that happened to you in real life, it’d be really, really strange for you,” Sprayberry said. “He goes through like a whole breakdown of his girlfriend dying and then she’s alive like four hours later. Like what the hell? He’s just mentally messed up.”

Liam isn’t the only one going through some changes. After coming back to life, Hayden will be different. “She’ll definitely be affected by it, and she’s definitely in a different mind space than she was before all of this happened to her,” Sprayberry teased.

However, their biggest challenge comes from Theo (Cody Christian). The troublemaker is responsible for bringing Hayden back to life, which makes her a member of his pack. “He has a lot of mixed emotions on what to do ‘cause, obviously, Theo brought her back so now she has a debt to him,” the actor explained. “And he’s on the opposite side of where we are. So that’s going to be a lot of stuff that these two characters will be dealing with throughout the whole rest of the season.”

Dylan Sprayberry Dylan Sprayberry revealed that his character Liam will have some romantic struggles in "Teen Wolf" Season 5B. Photo: International Business Times

Theo won’t be thrilled about Hayden’s relationship choices, and he won’t be afraid to voice his opinions. “He has some words about it,” Cody Christian told reporters. “But it’s weird, because Theo, as the alpha of his own pack, tries to be there for his pack as an alpha should. So it’s weird. We’ve already shot a couple scenes like this, but it’s almost like I’m mentoring and teaching them, and saying ‘Hey, you know what? I want you to survive. I don’t want you dead again. You need to do what I say.’ So there is that manipulation factor there.”

Liam and Hayden might find a lot of their friends judging their relationship. Christian explained that Scott will also disapprove of his beta's relationship with one of Theo’s pack members. “It synonymously fits in with Scott,” Christian explained. “I think Scott’s going to have some feelings as well. His own pack member, his beta, is now involved with me and my pack. So it’s just such an interesting dynamic to play because we have this good pack and this bad pack, so it’s really that tone for the season, too.”

With the two packs at odds, it sounds like Hayden and Liam could be in a bit of a “Romeo and Juliet” relationship. Viewers will have to hope that they have a happier ending.

Fans can catch a glimpse of what’s in store for “Teen Wolf” Season 5B in the trailer that debuted at New York Comic Con. Watch below:

“Teen Wolf” Season 5B premieres Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV.