In a shocking incident, a teenager killed a 12-year-old boy after the two had a fight over a PUBG game. The victim's body was found dumped near a road early Sunday.

The boy's family filed a missing complaint Saturday after the child did not return home. Police launched a search and found the victim's body the following day. It was covered with banana leaves and coconut fronds. The incident happened in the southern Indian city of Mangalore.

Police took a 17-year-old boy into custody in connection with the incident. The unidentified teenager met the victim online some months back and they used to play PUBG together. During questioning, the teenager said he met the boy in person on the day of the incident after the latter accused him of cheating.

"Three months ago, we met near a cell phone shop. He told me 'you are using someone else to play for you and that is why you win. It's cheating. Let's play sitting next to each other and we will know who wins,'" the teenager told police, according to News18.

On the day of the incident, the two minors got into a fight after the teenager lost the game. The teen told police that the 12-year-old boy first pushed him and threw a small stone at him. In return, he threw a bigger stone at the child. The boy then collapsed and started bleeding.

He said he was scared and was not sure what to do. He dragged the victim's body to the side of a road and dumped it there, police said.

"We are investigating whether he told his parents anything and they were aware of any of the activities," police said, adding that the victim's body was sent for an autopsy.

Mangalore Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar warned parents about the dangers of game addiction.

"Such a tragedy over a game. Parents should stop their kids from playing such games. Here the accused may have had a temporary tiff. It was not as if there was any major rivalry or enmity or property dispute. It is a silly tiff over a PUBG game and a life is lost," Kumar said.

"There are many variants in PUBG, we have to verify this," he said. "We will do a thorough probe. When kids get addicted or get in touch with strangers over games, parents must track. Such things can happen to any of us, our children. Earlier, the Blue Whale challenge had led to suicides. Now, a murder. Young lives are being lost for such games and it is tragic."

crime scene
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This is not the first time that PUBG game addiction has led to a tragedy.

Last year in India, a minor boy allegedly killed a 4-year-old girl while imitating the PUBG game. He was playing the game on his father's mobile phone at his home. The daughter of their landlord was also present in the house. The boy suddenly grabbed the girl's neck and tried to lift her, police said at the time.