Ashley Howland entered “Temptation Island” Season 2 with longtime boyfriend Casey Starchak, but after a series of questionable bonfire clips, she decided to end her time on the show by leaving with single Ben Knobloch instead. Following the dramatic Season 2 finale and reunion Thursday night on USA Network, Ashley Howland is speaking out about her current relationship status.

In a podcast with Reality Steve, released Friday, Ashely revealed "the tea" and what lead to her splitting up with Ben post-show.

“Ben is a completely different person on the island then he is in real life,” Ashley explained of her former castmate.

After leaving the show, Ashley said they went to a hotel together where they discussed Casey’s marriage proposal. Mid-crying over ending things with Casey, Ashley said Ben asked if she was his girlfriend, which upset her further. “Why are you asking me to your girlfriend while I’m crying about another dude?” she stated.

Despite this hiccup, Ashley said everything was eventually fine between her and Ben and when she went home to Florida, they decided to give their relationship a try. After visiting him once in Arizona, she said he dumped her prior to what was supposed to be a followup visit just two days after they became official. In place of seeing her, Ashley claimed he went on a camping trip with other women.

“He said that he didn’t have enough time for me and he was too busy with work and school,” Ashley said was Ben's reason for the split. “I don’t believe that for a [expletive] second, no, because he hangs out with all these girls. I just kept finding out about more and more girls that he was hanging out with. He’s a [expletive] boy. That is him.”

Ben Knobloch, Ashley Howland and Casey Starchek from "Temptation Island" Season 2. Mario Perez/USA Network

Post-breakup, Ashley said she now “can’t stand” being around Ben, claiming he’s not “nice.”

“I’m just so over him,” she added, revealing her plans to release a YouTube video detailing more about their relationship. “I’m just irritated with him. I don’t even want to be friends with him. I feel so played…”

As for her relationship with Casey, Ashley said the two remain good friends. Despite his efforts to win her back post-show, however, she said they are currently not together.

“My feelings are so different now. There is so much that has happened since the last bonfire and the reunion.” She added, “I just don’t think that he is fit to be in a relationship right now. He just doesn’t know what a relationship is.”

Today, Ashley confirmed she is single, living in LA, and is happy she went on the show. “I’ve always been in relationships and I don’t think I’ve really taken the time to get my know myself deeper and love myself… and understand who I really am as a person. I like that I did the experience.”

Reality Steve's full podcast can be streamed here.