• Gia Giudice shared photos from her family’s appearance at a softball match in Brooklyn, New York
  • One photo showed her and her sister, Milania, standing side by side as they pose for the camera
  • Fans noticed that Joe and Teresa’s daughters looked so similar that they could easily pass as twins

Joe and Teresa Giudice’s eldest and third daughter had a twinning moment this week, causing fans to confuse one with another.

On Thursday, Gia Giudice, 21, took to Instagram to share photos taken from her family’s guest appearance at a softball match in Brooklyn, New York. In the first photo, she is seen standing side by side with her 16-year-old sister, Milania Giudice, while the two of them sport All Stars shirts and similar leggings. In the second photo, they are joined by their mom Teresa, 50, in posing for the camera.

Gia kept the caption for the post short by only writing “sporty girls” and adding the silver heart emoji.

Fans quickly pointed out in the comments section how the siblings looked so much alike in the snaps that they could pass as twins.

“Wow, Gia and Milania look like twins,” one commented on Gia’s post.

“Oh my god, twins [heart eyes emoji],” another added.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star also shared a photo she took with her daughters while standing on the playfield, and her daughters’ similar appearance also caught the attention of her followers.

“I had to look twice to figure out which was Gia and which was Melania [sic]. You’re all so beautiful,” wrote one fan.

“Cannot tell those two apart anymore! They look like twins! STUNNING!” a different fan stated.

“Those [two] always looked alike, just Gia has the blue eyes,” another pointed out.

A week ago, Gia was criticized for looking a bit “different” in an outdoor photo she shared on her Instagram. Some social media users called her out for allegedly doing too many facial enhancements.

“Oh no!! Gia!! You’re a natural beauty. Please stop the injections. So young,” one wrote.

“You are so beautiful! Please leave your face alone,” another added.

Others defended her from the criticisms, saying she looked “gorgeous” in the snap. One also encouraged the critics to “stop hating and let people live.”

Aside from Gia and Milania, exes Joe and Teresa are also parents to 17-year-old Gabriella, who has been very elusive outside of the Bravo reality show, and 12-year-old Audriana, who rarely updates her social media.

Teresa and daughters
Pictured: (L-R) Gabriella Giudice, Gia Giudice, Teresa Giudice, Milania Giudice and Audriana Giudice attend Antonia Gorga's Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration on August 19, 2021 in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Manny Carabel/Getty Images for ABA