• Tesla CEO confirmed the location at an earnings call Wednesday
  • The new Gigafactory will be the second in the United States
  • Musk described the upcoming Gigafactory to be an "ecological paradise" that's open to the public

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk announced Wednesday, July 22, that they build its newest Gigafactory near Austin, Texas.

Musk revealed the location at the company's earnings call and said that plant will spread at around 2,000 acres and will be roughly 15 minutes away from downtown Austin. The businessman also promised that the Gigafactory will be “stunning” and described it to be an “ecological paradise.”

“It's right on the Colorado River. So we're actually going to have, we're going to have a boardwalk where there'll be a hiking biking trail. It's going to basically be an ecological paradise – birds in the trees, butterflies, fish in the stream,” said Musk, adding that the factory will be open to the public, according to Yahoo Finance.

The surprise second-quarter profit of Tesla, whose CEO Elon Musk is seen here in January 2020, positions it to potentially join the S&P 500
The surprise second-quarter profit of Tesla, whose CEO Elon Musk is seen here in January 2020, positions it to potentially join the S&P 500 AFP / STR

The outlet also pointed out that initial work on Tesla's fourth worldwide vehicle-assembly factory started this past weekend. The company also has a factory in Fremont, Califonia, a gigafactory in Shanghai, China and an upcoming factory in Berlin.

Musk said Tesla will “continue to grow” in California, where it will manufacture its Model S and Model X for “global deliveries.” Fremont will also handle in building the Model 3 and Model Y which will then be distributed in North America.

Tesla's second factory in the United States on the other hand will build the Cybertruck, alongside the Semi, the Model 3 and the Model Y for the eastern part of North America, reported CNBC.

Musk's announcement ended speculations on where Tesla's next gigafactory would be located. Benzinga said the company had previously “zeroed in” on Oklahoma and Texas as its next destination, while CNBC reported in another article that Travis County officials voted last week to give Tesla a minimum $14.7 million in tax breaks to build its new car plant in the Austin Green development.

“Texas has the best workforce in the nation and we've built an economic environment that allows companies like Tesla to innovate and succeed,” Governor Greg Abbott told the news network following Musk's announcement.

The Governor also claimed that having a gigafactory in Texas will make the state's economy “the strongest in the nation” while at the same time create thousands of jobs for Texas.

Tesla has around 10,000 employees in its Fremont factory, CNBC reported.


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