In the future, Tesla plans to release the Semi truck, an automated electric truck that can drive itself to destinations. Electric truck developers are confident that these vehicles can help revolutionize and not replace the whole trucking industry. Here’s how the developers are planning it.

According to a CNBC, automated trucks are the future of trucking. As of now, the trucking industry is currently experiencing a shortage of around a million truck drivers all around America to keep the goods transport line healthy throughout America. The video noted that the lack of drivers stems from the sacrifices needed for family and personal commitments not justifying the income gained from trucking anymore.

To help remedy this issue, automated trucks such as the Tesla Semi and others from Embark and TuSimple can help the trucking industry reinvent itself. Automated trucks are built to follow specific routes and can drive itself toward those destinations. These trucks are expected to revolutionize the trucking industry, not only for the companies needing them, but also for the drivers themselves.

The first iteration of the automated trucks will still need some drivers to help it steer clear of any troubles that the automated trucks might meet along the way. Through the automated driving, the truckers have a chance to take a rest while driving as they don’t always have to keep their feet on the gas pedal to keep moving.

According to the law, the maximum time of driving is only up to 10 hours as the truckers also need rest to keep up and reach their next destination. Potentially, trucks like the Tesla Semi can allow them to rest up while the truck drives itself and potentially change the legislation about truck driving too. Once released, new courier and delivery options will be available and help companies like Amazon and other stores transport their goods faster to people.

Currently, the Tesla Semi is still in development and still has an indefinite release date. Those looking to enjoy the benefits of a revolutionized truck delivery system will have to wait for Tesla to start using the Semis for their own.

The first set of Semis is confirmed to be for Tesla use first before they start selling it to other companies who want it.

Tesla Semi Musk
Pictured: Tesla Chairman and CEO Elon Musk unveils the new 'Semi' electric Truck to buyers and journalists on November 16, 2017 in Hawthorne, California, near Los Angeles. AFP/Getty Images/Veronique Dupont

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