Jesse Joe Hernandez, 47, a convicted sex offender was executed Wednesday in Texas. Hernandez was responsible for beating to death 10-month-old, Karlos Borja, whom he was babysitting.

Borja was killed 11-years-ago. When he was taken to the hospital in April 2001 we had a skull fracture and bruises to his head, thigh and abdomen, reported the Associated Press. The child had been put on life support, but was taken off of it a week later and died. Karlos Borja's four-year-old sister had similar injuries, but survived.

Hernandez had originally denied attacking the children, but DNA and a stick figure drawing by the four-year-old helped police in the case. According to the AP, Hernandez also admitted later on that he may have hit the boy with a flashlight. A written confession from the sex offender says that he just exploded and struck Borja with the back of his hand because they were being very bad by crying a lot for nothing.

Lethal injection was used to execute Hernandez, who reportedly smiled and laughed before receiving it. God bless everybody. Continue to walk with God, Hernandez said. Go Cowboys! Hernandez then proceeded to thank those he knew that came to watch his execution, saying Love y'all man...Thank you. I can feel it, taste it. It's not bad.

Jesse Joe Hernandez was pronounced dead at 6:18 p.m. He was the fourth person this year to be executed in the state of Texas.