Texas Governor Gregg Abbott on Thursday announced the creation of a temporary campsite for Austin’s homeless on state land in the capital city.

The soon-to-be temporary home for the homeless is a large expanse of concrete located three miles off Austin and five miles away from Texas Capitol. It is surrounded by forest and manufactured home factory and is located across from the Austin-Bergstrom international airport.

John Wittman, a spokesperson for the Governor, said that the campsite will include "portable restrooms, hand washing stations, and comes with commitments from local charities to deliver food multiple times a day.”

The solution “will provide access to healthcare providers and homeless case workers to provide care for the homeless,” the Texas Tribune quoted Wittman as saying.

On Thursday afternoon, en port-a-potties and five hand-washing stations were available at the plot and the land was being leveled.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler, who has had his differences with Abbott in the past, said that the government should focus on permanent housing.

"Shelters can be an important part of the range of housing we need and are most effective when associated with a housing exit strategy," he said. "The State’s temporary camping area can be constructive when it provides people with a choice that has greater safety, services and support and a real prospect of a housing exit. The city will support such efforts with continued focus on permanent housing solutions and we could really use the State’s help here, too."

Abbott had been at loggerheads with city officials regarding the cleanup of camps set-up by homeless people after the Austin City Council passed an ordinance allowing the homeless to stay and camp on the streets as long as they did not threaten themselves or others.

“Feces & used needles are piling up & residents are endangered. If not fixed by Nov.1, I'll use State authority to protect Texans’ health & safety," Abbott tweeted when the ordinance was passed.

On Monday, Abbott and his team started cleaning up under the bridges in Austin. On Wednesday, he had ordered homeless people to be removed from under the State overpass.