Tributes have started pouring in for MAD Magazine as several reports have suggested the legendary publication might shut down sometime later this year.

There is no official confirmation yet. The news of a potential closure surfaced on a Facebook group last week and later, cartoonist Ruben Bolling seemed to have confirmed the news on Twitter.

The iconic humor magazine was launched in 1952 and is known for its political and celebrity satire pieces. The publication was then re-launched in 2018 following a reorganization.

Other cartoonists and writers have posted on Twitter about the reported closure.

"Today won't end. Goodbye, Mad Magazine," Evan Dorkin from Mad Magazine tweeted. "As a youngster I was a huge fan of the 70's era, as a young adult I rediscovered the 50's comics, as an old nerd I somehow became a contributor for the last decade +. Getting the e-mail today was crushing."

According to reports, the magazine’s decision to add advertisements and the later reboot affected its schedule. Also, several satire websites offering round-the clock content have cropped up over the past couple years, further eroding the magazine’s popularity.

Fans of the almost seven-decade old magazine have posted tributes on social media.

Somebody even found a way to blame US President Donald Trump for Mad Magazine's ending.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users have pointed out that the magazine's end doesn't come as a surprise.