Iggy Azalea
"Whatever You Like" rapper T.I. explained why he and "Fancy" star Iggy Azalea no longer have a work relationship. They are pictured Nov. 23, 2014. Getty Images

“Whatever You Like” rapper T.I. worked with “Fancy” star Iggy Azalea just before her career took off, but the two will not be making music anytime soon, he said in an interview with New York radio station WQHT-FM Wednesday. They’re work relationship is over.

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., stopped by Hot 97 to discuss his new mixtape, but he also dished on the beef between rappers Drake and Meek Mill, and of course talked about the Australian entertainer.

“After the Q-Tip thing ... after I smoothed it over. Everything was cool and then they came back and undid. It’s not that I got tired of cleaning it up. ... I’m loyal partner and If I rock with you I rock with you. Right or wrong,” T.I. said. “We’ll discuss that later in the car. But right now, I’ma block the bullets, but when I say go ... go. Just go. Don’t stand around and talk while I’m blocking bullets. I just feel 'they' [Iggy’s team] needed some time to adjust.”

The “Q-Tip thing” T.I., 34, referred to was the December Twitter exchange between Azalea and Def Jam rapper Q-Tip. Azalea was criticized after she commented about "misappropriating black culture," and Q-Tip took to his social media page to set her straight. T.I. later defended Azalea, 25.

“There are some that merely wish to contribute to it. And I'd be less than ME if I didn't say that ... If WE don't allow u guys the same rights and respect we KNOW WE DESERVE in other areas of humanity ... WE'RE ALL JUST A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES. AND THAT’S NOT HIP HOP!!!!” T.I. wrote at the time.

Though her professional life seems like it’s in turmoil, Azalea's personal life is steady. Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young proposed in June and Azalea said yes. They have not revealed a wedding date.

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