Rapper T.I. has no problem calling out President Donald Trump. Pictured: T.I. on April 6, 2017 in New York. Getty Images

Throughout President Donald Trump’s presidency, rapper T.I. has been one of the most vocal artists against the commander-in-chief. The “Us or Else” rapper has previously called out Trump in interviews and social media and is once again slamming the president.

Appearing on the XXL video series, Views, the Atlanta hip-hop artist was asked for his thoughts on Trump. “I just think he’s incredibly divisive, and he’s just sporadic and he isn’t poised or he doesn’t seem like he has the best interest of the people at heart in the decisions he’s making,” said T.I.

The rapper went on to call the president “very emotional.” T.I. added, “He seems very emotional, you know what I’m saying? Very self-serving and you know, I don’t think that’s in the best interest of the American people.”

T.I.’s latest comments about Trump come just a few weeks after he called the president a hypocrite for getting upset about Stephen Colbert’s late-night TV joke. “[Trump] has gone on record as saying some of the filthiest things I’ve heard said — the filthiest thing I’ve ever heard someone in his position say,” he told TMZ. “To cast that light on someone else when it’s reflection of you — I think they call that, ‘hypocrisy?’”

Like his most recent comments, the rapper did not refrain from name-calling, labeling the president a “clown.” T.I. said, “This guy’s really proven himself to be the clown that we all knew that he was… It’ll all come to head sooner or later. Karma is constant. It’ll all come to a head.”

While T.I. continues to have issues with Trump’s presidency, things in the rapper’s personal life are going better after splitting from his wife of six years, Tameka “Tiny” Harris. The two recently saw their VH1 reality show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” come to an end, where Tiny confronted the rapper about allegedly cheating on her with a former employee.

“For those who don’t understand, [T.I.] had some infidelities with a girl who I hired and that girl is one of the reasons why I got my own house,” said Tiny. The two reportedly filed for divorce in December, and T.I. recently confirmed they are no longer together.

During an April interview with Angie Martinez, the “Whatever You Like” rapper spoke about his relationship with Tiny, saying, “Like, we’re good. We’re straight. Everybody else got the problem. We see each other, we speak, we talk, we spend time together. We’re good.” He added, “That’s still one of the best friends in the world that I’ve ever had. I can just be a better best friend than a husband.”

T.I. went on to call marriage a distraction and said it would deter him. “It seems to me that marriage and what marriage means and what marriage does — it’s just one of those things that’s going to distract me and deter me. And that could be selfish, but ultimately, I’m the patriarch of this family.”