T.I., Tiny Harris
T.I. and his wife Tiny, photographed at the Los Angeles premiere of "Identity Thief" on Feb. 4, 2013, open up about welcoming another new baby into the "madness" that is their family. Getty Images

T.I. and Tiny's family is about to get a little bigger, and while their house is already "a little chaotic," the parents-to-be are over the moon with excitement. The "Whatever You Like" rapper and his wife of more than five years announced their pregnancy on Instagram Christmas day. The couple recently opened up about welcoming their fifth child into the world, revealing that they are more than ready for what's to come.

In an interview with People magazine, T.I., 35, and Tiny, 40, said that their crazy household is definitely going to be a little crazier when the baby arrives. The former Xscape member and mother-to-be added that she's bracing for the "madness," though she and her husband remain upbeat. T.I. told the publication that he was excited for what the new baby would do for their family, saying that additions tend to "make the family closer."

"It's going to add to a house of madness," Tiny said. "A new baby is something we haven't had in seven years — it's going to be a little chaotic."

Although it's been years since Tiny's last pregnancy, her latest has been a breeze so far. She told People that she's had no morning sickness to date and the baby had been very active. The expectant mother told the magazine the baby has "been moving a lot," adding that she's had a really enjoyable second trimester.

As was previously reported, T.I. and Tiny's pregnancy announcement came Dec. 25. Tiny uploaded a video in which she wished her fans a happy Christmas, showing off the many flashy gifts she'd been given from T.I. and other members of her family. The camera then pans out as she thanks him for the greatest gift of all, their "new heir to the throne."