• Addison Rae’s father Monty Lopez planned to surprise her by giving her Tesla Model X a pink makeover
  • The auto shop that did the makeover, RDB LA, previously worked on the cars of Lil Pump, Chris Brown, Jake Paul and Offset
  • The TikTok star has yet to show off her pink car on social media

TikTok superstar Addison Rae received a big surprise from her dad, Monty Lopez, after he had her Tesla Model X wrapped in a bright new color to match her bubblegum personality.

Lopez planned his surprise after his daughter told him, “Dad, I just got to match my hat,” referring to her bright pink cowboy hat in a recent TikTok video. Rae's dad then talked to his good friend Victor of auto shop RDB LA, which Lopez has been a customer of for a while now, to give his daughter's car a makeover.

RDB LA has also worked on the cars of celebrities such as Lil Pump, Chris Brown, Jake Paul and Offset.

RDB LA, in a video showcasing the beautiful and stunning finished car, explained and showed the complete process of wrapping her Tesla in a satin-finish bright pink color.

Speaking about the process, the auto shop said, “We use satin bubble gum pink. It’s actually one of my more favorite pink colors from wrap companies. We did this color actually on a Ferrari 458 once back in the day. It blew up the internet.”

Rae, who boasts a massive following of 71 million on TikTok, has one more thing to add to her collection of custom-decorated gifts. She also has a unique skateboard from Chipotle that was gifted to her by Tony Hawk and a custom-made Jeep decorated by viral YouTube artist ZHC.

As Rae has yet to show off her pink Tesla Model X to her fans on social media, it remains to be seen if this too will go viral. But her gorgeous pink car will surely make its way to the influencer’s social media pages soon.

In other news, Rae and fellow TikTok star Bryce Hall recently confirmed that they are dating again after fueling romance rumors for months.

Not too long ago, Hall got into a little fight on social media with Lil Yachty following the latter's “E-ER” verse in which the Atlanta rapper made an inappropriate reference to Rae. After some unpleasant exchange of words, the two decided to bury the hatchet and talked it out on the NELK Boys’ Twitch stream last week.

Addison Rae With Dad Monty Lopez
Addison Rae With Dad Monty Lopez montylopez/Instagram