• An academic article has argued that NFTs challenge the traditional modes and forms of marketing.
  • The authors hoped that their paper would be an introduction to the study of cryptocurrency and NFT marketing.
  • Lunar Strategy is a marketing agency that specializes in crypto and NFT marketing and has a very specific skill set in this regard.

In a recent academic article the authors argued that, “non-fungible tokens (NFTs) challenge established marketing understanding of digital ownership, uniqueness, and value; authenticity, status, and sharing; and branding and distribution.” The authors of the article propose a set of research questions which engage in a preliminary manner with the topics mentioned. The authors hope to begin to offer entry points to future investigations of the field of crypto-marketing. This is an emerging field as is the marketing of cryptocurrency and Web3 marketing in general. The emergence of the subdiscipline of DeFi marketing offers several opportunities. These include expanding the understanding of consumer behavior, product design and pricing. Additionally, the academics note that this may be crucial in predicting the future of NFTS as they evolve.

This article engages with the nascent field of marketing in the crypto and NFT space and speaks highly of the possibilities which can emerge as a result. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are forms of digital assets which are safely stored on a blockchain ledger. This ledger stores all transactions in a safe and secure manner and ensures the authenticity of every transaction. The blockchain also created a situation in which users do not need to trust each other to ensure that a transaction is safe. Instead trust is placed in the blockchain itself which is constantly being authenticated and verified every second of every day.

Many new projects, NFTs and cryptocurrencies are constantly arising on a daily basis and many of these projects are buried or never heard of again. This is the nature of the crypto ecosystem and marketing is just as important in this field as it is in any other. Lunar Strategy is a marketing agency which specializes in the marketing of crypto and NFTs as well as other blockchain based companies. They have recently launched a new service called the Lunar Academy which teaches people how they can effectively market their products and services in the crypto space.

Lunar Strategy and Their Marketing Prowess

Lunar Strategy has a number of different avenues through which they market on behalf of their clients. This includes paid advertising on a number of different platforms and services, social media management to help create a community and drive engagement, press releases and influencer marketing to help get the word out about a new product or service, community building because this is such an important part of the crypto ecosystem and other miscellaneous services such as SEO and optimization.

These services are all in the effort to provide a crypto or NFT project with the exposure which it needs in order to be able to become successful. Crypto, much like many other markets, is becoming increasingly more crowded and projects need to be able to stand out from the crowd if they would like to succeed. One of the most important aspects of this process is the growth of a community around the project. This is one of the specializations of Lunar Strategy and one of the skills which they have honed over the course of their operations. A community built around an NFT or crypto project helps ensure the longevity of the project and gives it the steam it needs to make it to market and become successful.

Lunar Strategy CEO Tim Haldorsson

Lunar Strategy CEO Tim Haldorsson
Lunar Strategy CEO Tim Haldorsson Tim Haldorsson

Tim Haldorsson is the CEO of Lunar Strategy and is a former Google employee. He noticed that there was a gap in the market for marketing crypto currencies and NFTs as traditional marketing firms were either unable to or disinterested in engaging with this market. He wanted to bring crypto marketing the care it deserves and give projects the ability to compete in the crypto environment. Additionally, Haldorsson has been able to leverage his substantial professional experience to provide his clients with a high level of service and dedication to quality. This enables his clients to enjoy quality marketing services for their ventures. Additionally, the 18 person team working at Lunar Strategies are all crypto enthusiasts themselves and all actively engage with crypto and the crypto marketplace. They all own crypto and are actively involved in the crypto space.

On top of this, Lunar Strategy has launched a new crypto and NFT marketing academy which will provide information to those looking to learn how to market in the crypto environment. This project is the first of its kind as no other company has thought to provide this information to the public before. The Lunar Academy provides its users with a wealth of resources and information so that they can create a successful marketing campaign for their new crypto or NFT projects. This is in line with the philosophy of cryptocurrency as it decentralizes information regarding crypto marketing in the same manner in which cryptocurrencies are decentralized. This academy provides highly useful information to any crypto enthusiasts looking to market their new project to the public.

Final Thoughts

The new and somewhat uncharted nature of the crypto and NFT markets means that marketing for this market is relatively unexplored. Many traditional marketing companies do not engage with crypto marketing as they are either disinterested or do not possess the correct skill set to market these digital assets effectively. Lunar Strategy is a marketing firm which specializes in crypto and NFT marketing and they have developed a wide range of skills and mechanisms to promote crypto projects. This includes community building and growth which is one of the most important parts of developing a new crypto or NFT project as it sustains the project. Additionally, Lunar Strategy has launched their first of a kind crypto and NFT marketing academy to help businesses market themselves more successfully.