Bill Cosby became something to laugh at-- for some-- during the 72nd Golden Globe Awards Sunday. Funny ladies Tina Fey and Amy Poehler poked fun at the former Jell-o hocker after more than 20 women accused him of sexual assault in recent months.

When joking about "Into The Woods," Poehler said, "Cinderella ran away from her prince, Rapunzel was thrown from a tower... and Sleeping Beauty just thought she was getting coffee with Bill Cosby." Then Fey, who impersonated Cosby, added, “I put the pills in the people.” Then two told the joke again, impersonating Cosby’s voice once more.

The comedian made a similar joke at a show in London, Ontario Thursday. When a woman in the audience asked him if he wanted a drink, he allegedly replied, "You have to be careful about drinking around me.” Cosby denies the decades-old allegations. 

Some people on Twitter said it was “too soon” to make Cosby jokes.

Others applauded the ladies for poking fun at Cosby:

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